After offering Business Objects, Hyperion and Cognos customers a License Replacement Strategy, DataAssist releases DataAssist Spatial

DataAssist Spatial enables customers to integrate Business Intelligence with Spatial intelligence in one tool.

Online PR News – 24-February-2010 – – EdgeEvolve – a leading provider of business intelligence (BI) software today announced the availability of its GIS[1] enabled module DataAssist Spatial.

As a result of the fusion of the DataAssist BI toolset with the specialized GIS functionality, customers across multiple industries can now start visualizing their business data spatially.

Traditional BI technology reporting and analytical methods falls short of delivering spatial insight. Tabular reports and pie charts for example cannot effectively depict large sets of information (i.e. multiple dimensions) in OLAP cubes.

Visualization technology provides the means to effectively synthesize detailed data into information and present this content in an understandable manner to users.

In traditional BI technology the dimension of location and time is not fully exploited. GIS enables users to visualize these 2 dimensions as well as analyze the new spatial inter-relationships.

The value of having BI information seamlessly integrated into the various layers of the spatial environment is immense and its full potential is not fully understood.

In approaching the market with DataAssist Spatial, EdgeEvolve seeks to address two types of customers:

- those who may prefer to use a fully integrated BI / GIS solution versus having to programmatically integrate these traditionally separate disciplines and toolsets. Adhoc reporting between these environments is made simple using the new functionality of the DataAssist suite of products

- those who may not be aware of the value that can be achieved by being able to view data across these dimensions.

“The early adopters of this new technology will be the first to understand and realize the full benefits the BI / GIS fusion.” said Moreira.

Customers of competitive BI vendors are switching to DataAssist Spatial to benefit from the cost effective price points with increased business innovative performance, scalability, and data visualization through GIS integration. There are several of these examples.

Our customers select DataAssist BI and DataAssist Spatial as their enterprise BI standard and replace their existing installations. Migrating from their previous expensive solutions to DataAssist, they can achieve greater efficiencies and faster access to the information they need. These customers are expanding their use of DataAssist to affordably provide multiple users with an online reporting application, enabling them to run reports and analyze data related to their supply chains within GIS Intelligence.

With DataAssist Spatial, business users at every level of the organization, from managers to the operational staff, frontline executives to back office team members are empowered to define ad hoc reports combined with spatial visualization.

DataAssist Spatial is intuitive with a highly interactive; user friendly interface coupled with multi formatted visually appealing & flexible data and map presentation layers.

It becomes easy to report on and analyze data to efficiently manage personnel objectives across key indicators. DataAssist Spatial end users can perform sales, category, and inventory analyses more effectively to track product sales, product mix, and inventory levels across Geo Spatial locations.

By integrating BI capabilities with GIS visualization and understanding, DataAssist is the forerunner in BI / GIS Intelligence space. Allowing organisations to geographically understand the value of their data and business activities.

"Currently companies are switching from their existing BI implementations to DataAssist due to the unique value of viewing their business information, geographically “said EdgeEvolve Channel Manager Frances Jordaan."

EdgeEvolve’s DataAssist Spatial delivers spatial visualization with high performance and affordability; which has major implications for the achievement of cost effective business intelligence and GIS rollouts.

Current implementations, which integrate MIS information and GIS mapping on BI dashboards are custom developed. This is costly as it requires technical specialists and is not re-iterative since users are not able to build their own ad hoc queries and dashboards themselves.

What DataAssist delivers is a tool, which provides both new business and experienced BI users, with no GIS knowledge, with the means to build these integrated dashboards themselves.

DataAssist Spatial gives organizations a competitive advantage and improved responsiveness to customer and partner demands.

DataAssist Spatial reduces the overall TCO associated with deploying GIS reporting applications, while ensuring that these applications can continue to grow as business requirements change.

The BI / GIS fusion is intended to ease the adoption of EdgeEvolve’s DataAssist, lowering or eliminating the costs of integration of GIS environments with BI toolsets.

For more information on DataAssist’s new release DataAssist Spatial, call +27 11 802 0919. Terms and Conditions apply

[1] Wikipedia: “A geographic information system (GIS) is the merging of cartography and database technology”

GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts.