Universal Web Consulting Fosters Key Skills for 'Social Entrepreneurs'

A new CNBC blog post highlights outside-the-box thinking and social media implementation as keys to small business distinction, yet many small business owners struggle with these skills. A company called Universal Web Consulting is seeking to change that.

Online PR News – 21-May-2012 – Phoenix, AZ – There are more and more small businesses being launched all the time. While this might be good overall news for the state of small business in the U.S., it poses its own set of problems for those seeking small business success. More than ever before, it is crucial for a small business owner to stand out from the competition—and a new blog entry from CNBC offers some tips for doing precisely that. The article highlights the importance of strategic, outside-the-box implementation of social media, citing social networks as crucial for small business success and distinction. In spite of this, many small business owners struggle to use social networks effectively—but a company called Universal Web Consulting is seeking to change that.

Universal Web Consulting is a company long renowned for offering Web-based, business-minded tutorials to small business owners. In the past, the company has provided online education on such topics as web design, affiliate networking, and even the fundamentals of HTML. In light of the ever-increasing prominence of social marketing, however, Universal Web Consulting has unveiled a new series of tutorials that are strictly centered on social marketing tips and techniques.

The company’s training courses are all offered through online videos, and all are designed to be accessible to small business owners. What this means is that Universal Web Consulting’s new social marketing training classes are engineered with the hectic schedule of the small business owner in mind. Small business owners can learn on their own time and at their own pace, simply through watching the videos provided.

Additionally, these training courses are made to appeal to the bottom-line sensibilities of the small business owner. The classes focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as tools for generating profits. Universal Web Consulting teaches how to effectively and efficiently use these social networks to grow revenues and ultimately improve a small business’ visibility.

While Universal Web Consulting was founded by various professionals from the online marketing industry, the company’s classes are designed to be accessible even to the novice. In fact, even a small business owner with no previous experience in social networking or in digital marketing can learn to use these tools strategically.

Universal Web Consulting is making these new social marketing classes the company’s top priority, but they also continue to offer their customers an array of tutorials on other topics. Small business owners can pick and choose the classes that hold the most appeal to them, and ultimately learn to use digital marketing technology to make their companies more successful.

Universal Web Consulting is an online educational resource that provides learning modules to assist Internet entrepreneurs in building and subsequently promoting their websites. The courses offered by the Universal Web Consulting program address a diverse topic list, including social media marketing. Furthermore, individuals who capitalize on the opportunity that Universal Web Consulting presents have access to courses in HTML, blogging, Google AdWords, SEO marketing, pay-per-click marketing, eBay marketing, and much more.

To learn more about Universal Web Consulting, and the classes that the organization offers, visit www.universalwebconsulting.com.