Social Media Reseller Websites Favoritized For Their SEO Success

According to Imel Seda, a Wordpress fan and web developer, the success of social media reseller websites is owned in part by the tremendous SEO results companies and blogs are getting from social media channels. Artists, marketing firms and webmasters are its main customers.

Online PR News – 20-May-2012 – Orlando, Florida – To have followers in social networks has become more than a slap to the ego. The economic crisis has made 5 star companies and public figures approach and use different strategies to position themselves in the market, and one of these is the use of social networks as a tool to gain social prestige, increment sales and smash the competition. a social media reselling business for almost 2 years now is dedicated to the sale of followers on Twitter and has become one of the most successful Twitter supplier websites in the USA.

The thin line separating legal from illegal in this business is an issue which has caused controversy in the world of advertising. Imel Seda believes that to prevail in this industry, it is essential to work with confidentiality, ethics and above all, renewing action strategies.

On an interview with this talented web developer, Imel was asked on what does this business consist?
The Social Media Combo CEO responded that their service works by getting the attention of users of social networks that possess a matching profile of a business or public person, and it will eventually help any business increase its sales or popularity and create authority inside their niche.

At the same time in the interview he was able to explain why this new flourishing social media service company thinks that the sale of fans and followers in social networks is going through a boom.

Henry Adams co-fonder and Vice President of the company quickly replied and said, "Let's be honest, the simplest way of measuring the rating of a public figure, politician, musician or a business nowadays is by simply viewing the number of followers and fans the person, firm or business has on their respective social media channels. Having more fans than your competitor will boost your prestige. It's also a proven method of gaining hundreds of more organic and real followers and fans due to the fact that no one wants to follow a company with 11 followers on Twitter and some 9 fans on Facebook no matter how BIG the company says it is. This once more proves that people do go for the numbers and hence you will be a greater opportunity to disseminate your message and lower your business advertising cost to zero."

Henry Adams has been a part of the business since it was first founded a couple of months ago and she started as a social media reseller about almost 2 years ago. None the less, the young entrepreneur has around 8 years in the web design field as well as four years in SEM (social media marketing) and working on SEO (search engine optimization) for local small businesses. He says that the interest in social networks arose in her when she went to an internship in San Francisco, California to work for a company that was dedicated to social media marketing back in 2010.

The business' CEO, Imel, who studied computer programming, has a legitimate passion for what he does. He reassures that ever since he got into social media, he's made connections and offered his services to people all over the world, including China. However, most of its online mates are from Canada and the United States, he says.

When asked about the cost to have more followers, there was a quick reply from another talented young man who calls himself "BJ" and is actually the support tech of the site. BJ said, "It would not be wise to really get into pricing right now because the website has several packages, but one can easily buy 10,000 Twitter followers at wholesale prices for half the cost of what would one pay for in a similar site."

When the interview was almost ending, they were asked if they can offer a simple and clear profile of people that buy followers. There were different answers from all 4 members of the company, replying that their customers are usually Companies, politicians, journalists, consultants, service providers, non-governmental organizations, webmasters, internet marketing managers buying SEO for their clients and civil associations. Singers, DJ's, artists and politicians are the main consumers.

Although by the website's strict policies of discretion and security, it will not give out names or other information, they were kind enough to more or less point to where their customers usually come from. They stated that there's a lot of social media hunger up in New York and the New England area following North Carolina and Houston, in United States; Australia, Canada, United Kingdom; Mexico City, in Mexico; The states of California and Illinois are very hot states looking for social media services too.

From the openings of his first twitter follower supplier website, Imel Seda now prepares his new business,, for the next step: to advertise on social networks. The next step he said will be towards reinventing the services, because in less than one year any person will do this activity and it will be devalued by the existence of more spam and garbage followers only to raise their personal ratings. "That's why we have developed Social Media Combo, making this website a complete social media reseller business where you can buy YouTube views, Facebook fans, Pinterest followers, Google+ one votes and Twitter followers at wholesale prices," finished the webmaster with a big smile on his face.

This company is in no way affiliated with,, Google.Com, nor They’re just here to help Social Media rock. has helped well over 1000s of satisfied customers attract thousands of followers, fans, Google +1's and Youtube video views. They count large marketing firms and well-known brands and artists amongst their regular clients. has quickly established itself as one of the hottest social media marketing websites on the net! They deliver followers, Pinterest followers and fans to social media pages based on users' personal or business needs! Social Media Combo is proud to offer their clients a real social media service for small business owners, webmasters, internet marketers and advertisers.