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With,you too can be a part of Jeff’s success story too. Once you sign-up for this one-time program,your own Web site will be quickly activated,and you’d also be ready to take payments.

Online PR News – 24-February-2010 – – Los Angeles, CA -- These times, a lot of the prominent US retailers are known for earning really huge profit margins. However, they achieve this through buying in bulk, as well as by maintaining large distribution networks, employing thousands of staffers, renting office and warehouse space, as well as paying considerable overheads for maintaining their operations. So what should be the best way for starting you own home-based business today?
Jeff Jackson once worked for a large retailer before, namely Wal-Mart. For years he reported for work everyday, and only earned a regular daily wage. One day, he developed a simple Web site, which earned him a lot of money afterward. Soon, he retired from Wal-Mart in just a couple of months, and a year after, he moved out of his old house and bought a larger and more spacious home, and also purchased his first ever-sports car at the same time as well.
Jeff Jackson developed a Web site that he can easily operate from home, where he sold other people's products and earned commissions ranging from $90 to $225. While these amounts may seem small as compared to the profits raked in by larger retailers, Jeff Jackson yielded better returns, because his Web site,, was designed to deal with a lot of transactions. It was so efficient that on some days he began earning as much as 400% on one sales transaction, and there were literally hundreds, if not thousands, of sales transactions.
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