Recession Remedies For Real Folk

As a transformation hit the fashion world, it seemed the same was occurring in the financial world but alas it would not be a beneficial change. In 2008, the arrival of an all time economic low for the UK came in the form of the recession, making it particularly challenging for young adults [especially graduates] to embrace the metamorphosis of fashion. These difficulties were noted and a solution emerged in the form of; an online magazine/catalogue where an arena is provided for people to make great savings and purchase high street labels at affordable prices.

Online PR News – 24-February-2010 – – Circa 2008, the UK faced the advent of one of the most significant recessions in our history. The impact of this were such that productivity in businesses suffered which in turn resulted in high rates of unemployment and therefore an all time low in living standards. As the percentage of unemployed graduates sky rocketed, it became apparent that it would be the young workers who would be most vulnerable to the recession. The timing could not be any more unfortunate as with the recession, came a transformation in the perception of fashion; looks from the past were being re-invented and essentially every style was becoming acceptable. Youth [particularly graduates] were at a time in their lives where their priorities were split between taking a purposeful step along the career path and embracing the metamorphosis of fashion.

In 2009 was created to combat this precise problem. It provided an arena where people could make great savings by purchasing much sought after high street brands at not so ‘high street’ prices. Bringing cheap goods from various designer outlets to one online environment not only thwarts the time and effort of journeying to the shopping complexes but also acts as an intrinsic cost cutting solution by eliminating transport costs whilst also allowing for the simultaneous pursuit of a career in the form of online job hunting.

As the website continued to progress from strength to strength, it presented a platform where people could come and share money saving ideas and tips in the form of a blogging community. Never before have all these elements been present in a singular location and now that they are, it has become possible to live life free of the chains of recession. The owner of took initiative and recognised the fact that in spite of the recession, life still went on and then came up with practical recession remedies for real folk in the form of the website that is now available for all. The presence of the recession has already affected various aspects of life but now it does not have to act as a hindrance for those who still appreciate the growth of the fashion world.

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