ONLINE DATING: Contradicts Reasons Not to Set Up a Profile

Many singles are nervous to try online dating, citing one reason or another not to create a profile and start looking for love., a popular dating site, is refuting these reasons and shedding light on the benefits that creating a profile can provide for anyone.

Online PR News – 18-May-2012 – Montreal, Quebec – Online dating used to be something people did not talk about. The belief was that no one who had a healthy social life took to the Internet to find a mate. Now, times have changed. Online dating has hit the mainstream in a big way and the world of Internet dating has opened up faster, better ways to meet people. Also, people are busier than ever, and searching for a partner in the traditional way takes time they do not have. They are also pickier and looking for specific kinds of people that their local dating pool simply may not contain. Today, Internet dating is no longer a taboo subject, and people are really responding to the great success that it has brought millions of singles. Nevertheless, many singles still resist the idea of looking for love online., an Internet-based dating site, is fighting back against the most commonly cited misconceptions these singles have about online dating.

Setting up an online profile is something every single should try if only to broaden their dating pool

In an article from the Huffington Post, Molly Shapiro reports the four most common excuses singles give not to set up a profile on an Internet dating site: people will think they are desperate, people lie in their profiles, people on Internet dating sites are dangerous, and meeting someone online means that they will not have a romantic story about how they met., an Internet dating website with a database of over 40 million members, is encouraging singles to join online dating networks in an effort to debunk these myths and try it for themselves. is also fighting back against online dating misconceptions, providing more realistic information for would-be Internet daters.

First, asserts that Internet dating is no longer something people should be ashamed of. In fact, it is widely accepted as a great way to meet new people. As for the inherent dishonesty of online dating, the dating organization and Shapiro know that people lie just as much online as they do in person. In terms of danger, meeting a stranger off-line has just as many, if not more, dangers than meeting someone an individual has connected with online. Finally, and Shapiro agree that a cute "how we met" story is not as important as finding a lifetime of happiness with one's new partner.

"Setting up an online profile is something every single should try, if only to broaden their dating pool," commented Elizabeth Wasserman, CEO of "Everyone gets stuck in a dating rut every once in a while and meeting someone online is a great way to break those patterns and attract a better partner."

An online dating website, provides a unique virtual environment. This Internet-dating service offers the ability for members to create and build a diverse list of relationships, from friendships to casual flings to serious bonds that end in marriage. Launched in 2003, has created a database that includes over 40 million member profiles, allowing its members access to a large assortment of potential dates. Additionally, has distinguished itself by integrating exciting features into its website, such as live chat, voice recording, adaptive matching, and a newsfeed. Most notably, the online dating company has built nine years of experience and behavioral data. This expertise and statistical information provides the "know how" that needs to make the best possible matches for its members.