Offers Easy Payment Options for Online Shoppers

Online shopping is more prominent all the time, but some consumers still have complaints about the online shopping process, with payment difficulties being high on the list. An online shopping site called is seeking to change that.

Online PR News – 18-May-2012 – St. Petersburg, Florida – Online shopping is becoming more and more commonplace. Indeed, most of us use online shopping sites on a regular basis. Despite its increased prominence, however, there are still certain facets of online shopping that consumers find to be frustrating. A new study, just released by MasterCard, finds that one of the most common complaints about the online shopping experience is how difficult it is to pay via mobile device—but an online shopping site called is seeking to change that.

According to the study, the single biggest annoyance that shoppers have with the online commerce experience is “entering payment, billing and shipping information,” particularly from a mobile device. The only thing that surpasses this, in terms of annoyance, is not knowing how well clothing items will fit, and not being able to try them on. has successfully positioned itself in this arena by offering its product purchases and discounts via an on-line membership platform

This latter problem may not have an easy solution, but the issue of payment and billing information caught the attention of a company called A spokesman for the company, Greg Bielawski, responds to the new study in a statement to the press. " has successfully positioned itself in this arena by offering its product purchases and discounts via an on-line membership platform," he says. "When you are an active member of our program, we can store customer profile information, which can be updated and maintained by our members."

Bielawski elaborates on the system further. "If they choose to shop our online Rewards Mall and buy merchandise, we can store their shipping addresses, bill options, and order history all through a simple set of log-in credentials. This makes the ordering process easier for our members."

He continues by saying that the method simply makes sense. "Frankly, when you have a membership program and your customer revisits for a following purchase, they expect you to know who they are," explains Bielawski. "It is no different that your favorite coffee shop. If you expect loyalty, you had better know your customer, or at least their name and what they like to order." is, besides being user-friendly, a shopping community where its members can shop at its member’s only Rewards Mall with earned Reward Points or a shopping credit. The Rewards Mall contains a diverse catalog of name-brand products. membership also includes a Prepaid MasterCard, where members can earn Reward Points for money loaded onto the prepaid card and those Reward Points are good toward the products sold in the Rewards Mall. is an online shopping community where members can take advantage of affordable products found in the company’s diverse catalogue. The site offers its members a 2,500 dollar shopping credit that can be used towards products offered in the organization’s Rewards Mall. The company provides its members access to over 80,000 products similar to those found at popular retailers. In addition, members receive a Prepaid MasterCard that earns its customers one reward point for every dollar loaded onto the card. Members can then redeem up to 1,000 Reward Points each month at the online Rewards Mall.

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