Introducing Flipping Hut

A new way to find a website, a domain name, or even sell existing websites has hit the internet. This website offers a very unique way in which to get buyers and sellers of fully developed websites and domain names together in one location.

Online PR News – 21-May-2012 – Plymouth – Flipping Hut offers an innovative method to sell complete websites, domain names, or even websites in the beginning stages for those that know what a website but do not want to take the time to build one. Along with this, sellers can also list their websites or domain names and have buyers bid on their projects.

The auction style website is very easy to use and understand. For those looking to purchase a website all that is needed is to join and then browse the website directory. For those that only want a domain name so they can create their own content, only need to click browse domain name directory.

As visitors browse Flipping Hut, they will be able to see fully developed websites for sell, new listings, just ended, ending soon, or price range as well as sort by price, views, bids, or ending. This makes it much easier to browse the websites and domain names for sell and even determine the price range and the length of time before the auction ends.

On the front page, the websites and domain names are listed with a small description, URL, monthly income, price at the time, the number of views, the number of bids, and when the auction will end.

For sellers, flipping websites or domain names has been made easy. All the seller has to do is list their website or domain name so it can reach thousands of potential buyers. The small fee is the lowest in the industry, which adds websites owners in gaining more profit from the work completed on a website as well as receiving top dollar for prime domain names.

One of the best features on Flipping Hut is the resources. Here there is a large database of informative articles that can aid the webmaster in learning more about the term flipping which is a high profit industry in which buying and selling of domain and websites has become a very lucrative business. Another great feature is the ability to keep a bit of privacy so the visitors of the website will not know the website is up for sale. Loyal subscribers may not like the idea and thus the value of the website could go down tremendously, therefore, this extra-added feature is an excellent option for websites that have a large following. There are many different options for buyers and sellers that make Flipping Hut one of the best auction sites in the industry.

The entire website design is easy to use for both buyers and sellers while providing an excellent resource that will help both sides of the coin find exactly what they need from complete websites ready to go or the money for an elegant money making website.