SPQ Gold Assessment Launches New Product – The only Psychometric Tool To Measure Sales Call Reluctance

Employers can now confidently recruit sales teams with the help of SPQ Gold, the only psychometric tool in the world that measures Sales Call Reluctance.

Online PR News – 18-June-2009 – – Phoenix AZ - One of the most challenging tasks to be handled by all organizations and companies is recruiting the right people for their marketing or sales division. Employers cannot simply go by what the candidate has said in his or her resume. Their past experience too cannot say enough to understand the real potential of a sales person. So this is one of the tricky areas to make good decisions. Also, there are situations whereby the performance level of the sales team deteriorates. Over a period of time, they slump from their excellent performance level to mediocre performance. This can indeed affect the company very badly. So one of the best and most widely used psychometric applications to assess the sales person people is SPQ Gold. Using this assessment tool, employers can find the best salespeople for their organization.

SPQ Gold Assessment is used to measure Sales Call Reluctance of sales people. SPQ Gold Test is the only psychometric application in the world that can measure Sales Call Reluctance. Companies do not have to hire mediocre sales persons anymore for their organization.

SPQ Gold helps employers find the level of emotional hesitation level in the sales person to both prospect and self-promote. If the hesitation level is high, companies cannot expect good sales performance from such individuals. Besides that, they cannot easily identify these issues during the regular interview process or with the other tests that are perform on the sales team before recruiting them. Their sales call reluctance can easily be masked in their talks. However, they will not be able to slip through SPQ Gold Assessment test.

Therefore, employers can be confident while choosing sales team with the help of SPQ Gold Assessment.
SPQ Gold helps employers us find the right sales people that are capable of surviving in the highly competitive environment without getting burnt. It is not enough to have outbursts of enthusiasm in the sales efforts, it is important for the sales team to be consistent. Only when we have the right sales team in place we can expect high level of energy and enthusiasm flowing consistently. SPQ Gold Test helps recruiters identify and retain confident sales teams companies and organizations can actually count on.

SPQ Gold will help us make our recruitment process more reliable. For more information visit http://www.recruittopproducers.com

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