Big Bandwidth Debate Welcomes Noted Telecom Journalists To Its Online Forum

Industry portal showcases orignal articles from telecom intelligentsia. Encouraging conversation and debate surrounding the possibility of a real-time bandwidth exchange.

Online PR News – 18-May-2012 – Phoenix, AZ – The Big Bandwidth Debate (@bandwidthdebate on Twitter), an online forum showcasing news, stories and commentary surrounding capacity or bandwidth trading, announces several new guest posts on their debate site. The new articles, archived on the main opinion page, capture opinions on both sides of the question: "Can bandwidth, or capacity, be traded like any other commodity?"

Ray LeMaistre, International Managing Editor for Light Reading, submitted "Hold on to your britches -- online bandwidth trading is back! Mr. Le Maistre postulated that capacity trading "failed the first time mainly because the technology wasn't up to the job and because the bandwidth was treated like a regular commodity, which it isn't." He called to attention Epsilon, and the lessons hopefully learned. "The first name that pops into peoples' minds when near real-time "bandwidth trading" gets mentioned is Enron, a rather tainted (or could we say toxic?) brand that hardly provides a positive starting point for any company wanting to revive this market." He concluded with "If Epsilon can deliver on its promises, such an exchange would be valuable to many international operators looking to maximize their efficiencies."

Hold on to your britches -- online bandwidth trading is back! Mr. Le Maistre postulated that capacity trading

Gary Kim, editor of Carrier Evolution, penned "Is Bandwidth Actually a Commodity That Can be Traded?” asking "might bandwidth trading get another shot at success?" Mr. Kim brought to focus that "in a business where price competition is vigorous, anything that makes competition even more intense will tend to find significant resistance..."

Andreas Hipp (that's him the attached video) wrote a piece entitled "You’ve got to get the basics right." Mr. Hipp was positive about the feasibility of a bandwidth exchange, saying "It feels like we have the motive and the opportunity for bandwidth trading, and some of the means. Someone is going to fill in those missing pieces soon."

Just after his article was published, Epsilon announced their new bandwidth trading platform, eCX. According to Hipp, the platform "is a significant innovation that has the real potential to benefit all corners of the wholesale industry."
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Likewise, Mobsource CEO Carl Gough shared an article and soon after, his company revealed their own version of a real-time bandwidth exchange. On it's Tumblr blog, Mobsource CEO Carl Gough wrote that "Mobsource is now live with its Bandwidth Trading Platform... aggregating supply and selling on demand. This is the new world of "carriage" and leverages excess bandwidth in the marketplace."

Future of Bandwidth Debate
From a platform and portal that creates a marketplace for efficient asset monetization (eCX), to a real time exchange connecting buyers and sellers to the best international bandwidth deals on the planet (Mobsource), to telecom pundits waxing about the possibilities, the Big Bandwidth Debate is earnestly underway.

Big Bandwidth Debate exists to capture the conversation. To provide a forum to discuss the feasibility of real-time capacity trading; and the eventual implications on the communications landscape: Service Providers, Wholesalers, OEMs, and end-users alike.

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