Beaded Daisy Offers Life Saving Accessories - Medical Alert ID Bracelets And Necklace Jewelry

Beaded Daisy provides fashionable medical alert ID bracelets and medical alert necklace jewelry for children, women, and men. Their designs look much more attractive than the tradition medical tags that have been available. The designs ensure that Beaded Daisy ID tags are worn by children without feeling the need to hide them from their peers

Online PR News – 24-February-2010 – – Beaded Daisy (, out of Airdrie (Alberta), Canada, has been offering beautiful and fashionable life saving ID bracelets, jewelry, and other accessories for children, women, and men for years. It always believed that safety should always come first. Whether it is a medical ID bracelet or a medical ID jewelry that you are looking for, Regan King the owner and creator of Beaded Daisy says, “There’s no reason you can’t be safe and fashionable at the same time.”

Accidents do occur, and receiving timely medical treatment, especially when you are unconscious and unable to speak for yourself, makes all the difference between life and death. In emergencies every second counts, and as King says, “Wearing the appropriate medical ID alert jewelry can help medical staff save precious seconds when making decisions about your care when you are not able to convey the information yourself.”

‘Being safe’ is the philosophy that Beaded Daisy believes in, and says there is no reason why you cannot be safe and fashionable at the same time. Medical tags have been in use for ages and have helped save lives in emergency situations, especially where children are concerned.

Children are known to suffer from Diabetes and other medical conditions. It is a matter of worry for parents when their kids are at school, or visiting friends, or out playing. They worry whether their medical needs can be identified if an accident, unfortunately, occurs. Kids who do have medical tags are unimpressed by the traditional designs which are considered to be ‘drab’.

Kids today want to look cool, and the traditional tags hardy help them look so. This is why Beaded Daisy has come out with designs that look fashionable and provide safety at the same time. Whether it is a medical ID bracelet you pick for your child or a medical ID jewelry, such as a necklace, you can be sure that your kids would don it with pride.

Beaded Daisy provides these ID bracelets and necklaces in whatever sizes you require. The materials they use for their products are safe to use. “We use flexible, nylon coated, 49 strand stainless steel jewelry wire,” says Regan King.

They also engrave whatever information you wish to display on these tags. Chose whatever information you think is important, in case you or your child are unable to speak during an emergency, such as: ‘Diabetic’ or ‘Allergic to Penicillin’ or simply ‘wearing contacts’, among others.

Beaded Daisy can have your customized medical ID bracelet or medical ID jewelry produced and delivered within 3 weeks, depending on what shipping method you opt for.

For any further information you require about Beaded Daisy, visit their website at You can also email them at or call them Toll Free: North America – 1-866-948-2860 or Local (403) 948-2860.