New Take On Dating On Facebook - TradingSingles App By, A Free Online Dating Site

TradingSingles Facebook application offers an easy and fun way to find local singles by "trading in" single friends on Facebook, and getting qualified matches in exchange.

Online PR News – 17-May-2012 – New York, NY – Today,, a free online dating site famous for its simple online dating formula - accept a date, post a date, ask people out - launches a new Facebook dating app: TradingSingles. The app allows users to select their single friends to be "traded in" for matches in their area. The app works on desktops and all mobile devices in the browser and in Facebook Mobile App - users can trade in friends and check their matches on the go. The main idea is to expand users' dating pool beyond their group of single friends, and get the maximum number of fun offline dates online.

Trading Singles takes the offline experience of introducing single friends to each other to a whole new level. The app creates a new connection among single Facebook users. TradingSingles users automatically get full access to BestDailyDates’ extensive dating resources for singles who want to explore, improve, grow, learn, and get inspired to live happier lives with fulfilling relationships with their romantic partners.

BestDailyDates is a free dating site which allows users to create simple profiles, and post or accept date ideas. Date ideas are as specific as the users want - where, what, when, and who pays, thus all the difficult questions are out of the way and they are free to go on their date.

BestDailyDates provides a whole new dating experience by taking the best out of the online and offline world. The service requires very little time spent online, and maximizes the number of dates the members will actually go on. The members can find out if they really have chemistry offline without wasting a lot of time online. The service is free, and easy to use.

TradingSingles connects the BestDailyDates platform with Facebook's social graph and offers one of a kind online dating experience.

BestDailyDates, LLC is a New York City based internet company. It owns and operates, an online dating site.