Denver Water and Greenprint Denver Collaborate to Conserve Water Across the City

Denver Water and Greenprint Denver are partnering to reduce daily water use per person from 211 to 165 gallons by 2016.

Online PR News – 21-May-2012 – Denver, CO – Denver Water and Greenprint Denver are partnering to reduce daily water use per person from 211 to 165 gallons by 2016. Thus far, the conservation goal has helped the Denver community save 190 million gallons of water annually.

“From Denver Public Schools to parks across the City, we are teaming up with Denver Water to find innovative ways to conserve water,” said Michele Weingarden, Director of Greenprint Denver. “This partnership is helping pave the way for a culture of conservation to ensure the future generations of Denver can continue to have access to fresh water.”

Denver is located in the high arid desert and expects continued water challenges with climate change and increased population. As a result, the Denver Water Board set the ambitious goal to reduce individual water consumption by 46 gallons a year by 2016. Since (2006), Greenprint Denver has partnered with Denver Water to meet the goal.

Efforts the City has taken to conserve water include upgrading irrigation systems and controllers, converting Kentucky Bluegrass turf to native grasses in parks, retrofitting water fixtures in all municipal buildings and cultural institutions and maintaining healthy vegetation in public areas. Greenprint Denver also has an urban fellow from Denver Water who works with city agencies to implement municipal conservation opportunities.

“The dynamic partnership with Greenprint Denver is helping us achieve our aggressive water conservation goals “said (Donna Pacetti, Denver Water’s Water Conservation Coordinator). “No doubt these collaborative efforts will continue to contribute to the future viability of the Denver metropolis.”

Water conservation is particularly critical this year, as a drought alert has been issued for the Denver region due to the very dry conditions over the 2011-2012 winter season. Mayor Hancock recently signed the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act, urging Denver’s residents to make online pledges to reduce their use of water and raise awareness about this most critical resource. The State of Colorado has also declared 2012 the Year of Water, to educate Colorado’s communities about the importance of water conservation and celebrate the diverse uses of water across our great state.

About Greenprint Denver
Greenprint Denver is the City of Denver’s initiative designed to help residents, businesses, and the municipal government conserve resources, save money, and protect the environment to improve the quality of life for the Denver community and deliver a world-class sustainable city where everyone matters. Greenprint Denver partners with community organizations, cultural institutions and businesses to achieve broad impact, and provides leadership and solutions to ensure a prosperous community where people and nature thrive. Greenprint Denver believes in leading by example in city practice wherever possible.