Ads Direct Goes Global With Dramatic Network Expansion

In the Digital Era, advertising success depends more than ever on tapping into large volumes of online traffic—something that some advertisers struggle to do. Ads Direct is making it easier for its clients to convert this traffic.

Online PR News – 17-May-2012 – New York, New York – One of the time-tested tenets of marketing is that it is vital for advertisers to go where the consumers go—which, in this Digital Age, means that online advertisers must focus their efforts on populations and markets that have high volumes of traffic. Increasingly, those high volumes of online traffic are coming not just from American markets, but from New Zealand and countries throughout Asia and South America. For the online advertiser, then, success is measured by an ability to reach these markets and ultimately convert traffic—but this can be easier said than done, without access to an expansive global network. Performance marketing company Ads Direct provides its advertisers with just such a network. In fact, the company has just announced massive network growth; the Ads Direct network will now span 30 countries across the globe.

The company, a favorite affiliate of companies in the Health and Beauty vertical as well as other industries, has announced this network expansion as a way to deliver superior results to its clients. Nate Poupko, the president of Ads Direct, says results are what it is all about for a performance marketing company. "People pay us to help them bring in new customers, and whether that's a hundred new customers every day or a thousand, we are always up to the challenge," Poupko explains. “"With the newly-expanded network, Ads Direct is better prepared than ever before to deliver the results our advertisers need."

According to Poupko, the growth of the Ads Direct network is exactly what online advertisers have been looking for. "Advertisers know that there's a goldmine of traffic out there, in these international markets," he confirms. "The trouble is, they were never able to access these markets—until now."

Poupko also says that advertisers have every reason to feel confident in the network's ability to deliver results—confidence that comes down to the unique, performance-based business model. "What advertisers are looking for is full confidence that they're getting the best ROI, and that’s what Ads Direct gives them," he explains. "Basically, the advertiser only pays for the results we deliver. If something were to happen and a product just didn't sell, we wouldn't charge them anything."

Ultimately, Poupko hopes that the major growth of the Ads Direct network will solidify the company's standing as the #1 performance marketing firm. "Simply put, advertisers need to convert online traffic, and we are here to help them," he concludes. "That’s what we do, all day every day."

Ads Direct is an innovative, industry-leading performance marketing company. With a sprawling network that encompasses 15 languages, four continents, and more than 30 countries, Ads Direct is the #1 global company within its industry. Working with top brands in the Health and Beauty market, Ads Direct offers peerless resources for generating high volumes of traffic, as well as high rates of conversion. The company utilizes an inventive, performance-based model wherein clients pay directly based on the sales results they receive; this culture of performance is what allows Ads Direct to maintain its high standards of success, as well as its name as #1 Performance Marketing Company in the world.