Events & Adventures Provides An Atmosphere To Make Friends

Developing new friendships as an adult is an oftentimes awkward and difficult process to navigate. For this reason, many adults turn to interest groups, clubs, and other gatherings, such as Events and Adventures, in an effort to meet people who share their interests.

Online PR News – 17-May-2012 – Bellevue, WA – Making friends as an adult is much more difficult than forging friendships during childhood or adolescence. In an article on, Kara Baskin notes that the social structure of school children and college students naturally creates friendships among individuals who share interests, classes, etc. Children make friends with the kids they see everyday. But for adults, the pool of potential friends is a bit more limited—especially for parents who spend a great deal of their time caring for their families. Events & Adventures is now making it easier for single adults to meet new people and forge friendships without the awkwardness that adults typically have to endure.

Baskin outlines the differences between the development of friendships during childhood and during adulthood. She cites a lack of boundaries and parameters—not to mention shared interests—as potential challenges to successfully forging a lasting and enjoyable friendship. Baskin asserts that meeting new people as an adult entails all of the nervousness associated with a first date, as well as the uncertainty.

Events & Adventures is a club for singles that provides opportunities for adults to forge new relationships without all of this pressure. The organization achieves this by hosting a variety of activities throughout the year, each coordinated by an expert event planner and tailored to spark the interest of club members. Events & Adventures does not employ matchmaking techniques; this organization simply sets the stage for relationships and friendships to develop organically.

Events & Adventures has successfully hosted over 100,000 events since its launch, and is moving forward with countless more. A national organization, this singles group provides the opportunity that many adults are looking for—the chance to make new friends and possibly find love without all of the pressure that traditional friend making can entail.

The staff at Events & Adventures strives to create an atmosphere that allows singles to enjoy themselves while learning about other group members. As a result, they have provided countless individuals with lasting friendships.

Events & Adventures is an organization that was launched in 1987 in an effort to provide singles with wonderful opportunities of making new friends and finding love. Not a matchmaking or typical dating group, Events & Adventures specializes in planning fun, exciting activities during which singles can mingle and relationships can naturally develop. In putting these events together, Events & Adventures employs top professional event planners who coordinate and execute activities that club members look forward to. These activities range from wine tastings to fitness classes and provide today’s singles with a great opportunity to meet new people and naturally develop romantic relationships.

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