Classified Software Version 6.0 Released

The newly released version features the code that has been completely revamped and the architecture changed to modular, with the software now fully based on PHP 5.3.

Online PR News – 21-May-2012 – Wilmington, Delaware – The hot topic of today is an introduction of the new release of our products. We spent over half a year working on it, and we certainly hope you would appreciate our efforts.

Several highlights of the new release:
• New modular architecture;
• Feed Import addon;
• Sponsored listings;
• Recent listings and other improvements.

New Modular Architecture

The newly released version features the code that has been completely revamped and the architecture changed to modular, with the software now fully based on PHP 5.3. New features will be added in a form of modules that are attached to the core functionality rather than embedded into it.

This means that functions can be turned on and off via the admin area, and individual modules can be updated or modified independently. The horrors of upgrading the entire software package from the previous release to the next will become history, as you would only need to update individual modules or add new ones instead.

You can also develop your own modules, and we are hoping that the community of developers using Worksforweb products will also be able to contribute with free and paid modules to enhance the software functionality.

Feed Import Addon

This is an awesome feature indispensible for new website owners. Just set up import from a number of sources that distribute their classified ads, run in, and sit back and relax – your website will be filled with hundreds of new ads from other service providers. Import feeds can be in xls, xml and csv formats, either as an URL or as a file, with lots of settings to fine-tune your import.

While pumping in tons and tons of third party listings, just beware of your server capabilities and understand that your website hosting company is no match to or, and that the big guys invest millions of dollars in their infrastructure to make their websites run as fast as they do.

Sponsored Listings

The newly released v.6 of iAuto, iRealty, and iLister has one additional feature you would love to have. It is called Sponsored Listings. This is a way to allow certain listings to be pushed up to the top of search results and marked as sponsored (for an additional fee), a feature many of your future customers will find well-worth the money they will pay to use it.

Other Stuff Worthwhile Mentioning

We have so far made a number of improvements to the way listings are found, including the display of recent listings, search by listing rating, search for admin listings, etc. We also made the admin’s life easier by enabling the list field value imports in the admin area, removal of listings that no longer have the owner, etc.

The best part yet to mention is a new installer. It runs smoothly and intelligently, does the bulk of work for you, and the installation goes like a charm. You would love it.

Country Packages

We are continuing our efforts in providing new country packages that localize our products for specific country markets. We have recently released the New Zealand package, which was by far the most difficult to prepare. The administrative division of NZ doesn’t quite make sense, being based on a number of historic decisions, but we managed to figure it out somehow, and are now ready to offer the NZ package to those who are interested.

Just as a reminder, we already have Canadian, Australian, and UK country packages for iAuto, iRealty, and iLister. We also have RTL packages for Arabic-speaking customers. So if anyone is interested, please do let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.


Such a huge release is a great chance to work out the old quirks and make a number of small, but pleasant enhancements. This is exactly what we did, but the work is far from being over. We are continuing our product development and will soon offer even more goodies for you to enjoy.

If you have any questions on the release, please feel free to check out our release article -, the list of new features available for the products, check out our demos and let us know what you think.