Karaoke Software for PCs

A very successful home entertainment company, Jukebox Jockey, has released its latest karaoke software for PCs onto the market.

Online PR News – 17-May-2012 – Blackwood, NJ – 16th May 2012-A very successful home entertainment company, Jukebox Jockey, has released its latest Karaoke Software for PCs onto the market.
That phenomenon of Karaoke (In the Japanese "Kara" means 'from' as in "karate" which means 'from the hand' and "oke" is an onomatopoeic abbreviation of the word 'orchestra', so it is the melody of songs played without the words.

Karaoke is still big in Japan where part of many peoples night out on the town includes and hour or 2 in a karaoke box in one of the many enterprises of this nature. Karaoke never got as big as that in the United States although it is still popular and some cities do boast Karaoke studios.

But Karaoke is popular, Many very successful bars and clubs experience very good custom when they have a karaoke evening and there is many an establishment that serves full houses on the mid week Karaoke nights. Everyone likes to sing along to their favorite songs and karaoke allows them to do so, privately pretending to being a rock star while singing one of their songs into a mike.

The original Karaoke software was fairly limited in the range and variety of the songs and the versatility of the software. But no longer. Modern karaoke software has a large range of music covering all the eras from 1950 and 60s rock 'n roll to the ultra modern with software updates being offered all the time.

And you no longer need a specially made machine just for Karaoke but your Transportable PC or Laptop hooked up to an amplifier and speakers with a large screen of a pc projector will do.

Just make the selections and enter them on an easily controllable queue. Each song will cross fade into the next as the queue progresses. And they don't all have to be Karaoke numbers either, It is possible to mix and match the songs and melodies being played from the Jukebox and music video collections as well.

Karaoke in North America is actually still a growing business. One of the reasons it never took off is not because American don't like to perform, one only has to watch "American Idol" to see the thousands who would like to sing and perform, but because it has taken a while for the karaoke software to get to a stage where it is user friendly for the American. Some lounges and bars provide their clientele with regular Karaoke evenings which are very popular. The Karaoke show presenter or Karaoke Jockey (KJ) in popular venues can have people queuing up for over and hour to sing their favorite song and they may have to wait another hour before they get another turn. He will be able to announce each song and each singer in turn and thus we have a live and dynamic evening's entertainment.

A major provider of this software is Jukebox Jockey and their machines can be rented or purchased along with a service agreement that will allow one to continually receive updates with the latest songs on the extensive repertoire.

Press Release by Jukebox Jockey

A new release of Karaoke Software keeps this ever popular entertainment medium up to date.