Gethospitalplans.Co.Za Now Offering Affordable Hospital Plans To South African Citizens

New South African website is now offering citizens a cheaper alternative to the expensive medical aid; hospital plans.

Online PR News – 18-May-2012 – 5/15/2012, Worcester, Mpumalanga – Worcester, Mpumalanga May2012 WORLD WIDE WEB -Medical aid insurance( ) costs have been rising steadily for South Africans. Costs are extremely inhibitive therefore so many South Africans are turning to an alternative: hospital plans. A new website called aims to help South Africans find the best hospital plan options available to them today.

The website's founder David Bester states that "Due to the enormous medical insurance rates people look to hospital plans as the more cost effective alternative. Noticing this recent trend, we decided to give South Africans one cohesive platform to research the most affordable hospital plans that will also suit their needs."

Hospitalization is never a welcome or relaxing event. Most of the time, there is a great deal of anger and confusion related to the process. Hospital plans help make the unwelcome events a little less confusing by covering the total cost of hospitalization when necessary. However, these hospital plans come in all kinds of prices and different types. Therefore, it is often difficult to navigate which one will be the most affordable for your needs, and ultimately, which one you should choose. ) helps South Africans get up to R5000 in cash for every night of hospital stay, which can be claimed for up to 90 days, with a maximum of R450,000 in cash. This is a great option for those who are looking for a simple and cost effective option, especially since hospital plans allow you to use the money you receive in any way that you like. Gethospitalplans, provides its free and professional service through its quick and easy online application.

Rather than getting loaded with all kinds of bills and letters after an unexpected hospital visit, those who find a quote and sign up through will have a much simpler time. For those who are unfamiliar with the process of choosing a hospital plan, the site offers numerous unbiased articles that will help make a fully informed decision. The various articles currently on the site include "The Pro and Cons of a Hospital Plan in South Africa", "Why You Will Get Affordable Hospital Plans Online", and "5 Ways to Get the Best Hospital Cover Quote."

By accessing the site today, South Africans can find the best hospital plans, submit their application, get a free quote, and sign up without ever leaving the safety and comfort of their own homes. This makes the most convenient and risk free option for affordable hospital plans available to South Africans today.

Contact: David Bester
P.O. Box 1234, Worcester, 6849, South Africa
Tel: 281 973-6659