Event Log Explorer 4 - a better way to manage Windows event logs

FSPro Labs today announced the release of new version of Event Log Explorer software, designed to view, monitor and analyze events recorded in Security, System, Application and other logs of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Online PR News – 18-May-2012 – Krasnoyarsk, Russia – "This release adds more than 15 great improvements to already feature-rich functionality" says Michael Karsyan, FSPro Labs CEO. "Now you can easily present data in pivot tables or charts, filter linked events and get notified when a specific event occurs".

New features substantially help system administrators to manage the network. Credential manager stores different credential for different servers and use them automatically on connections, analytical reports represent data in a comprehensive view, event alerter can send event notifications by email.

Event Log Explorer can now read event logs using fast legacy API, get more event details with new event API and access EVT files directly without using any API. The latest option works even with damaged event log files and invaluable for forensic examiners.

Refining events is one of the most important tasks for event log analyst. Event Log Explorer 4 features 4 ways of event filtering:

1) pre-filter events during log loading;
2) general filter for almost any criteria, including regular expressions;
3) quick filter for a single criteria with a couple of mouse clicks;
4) filter on several events linked by event id and parameters in event description.

An analyst may use these filters together - e.g. pre-filter log to display only new events, filter the result by description text and run several cascading quick filters by User Name and Event ID.

About Event Log Explorer
Event Log Explorer was first developed back in 2005 as advanced version of standard Windows Event Viewer to facilitate the work of system and network administrators. Since then, it has become the preferred choice of network and security administrators, developers, forensic examiners and advanced users who would like to find and analyze problems, security warnings, and to do it quickly and easily.

Key features of Event Log Explorer:

- Access to Windows event logs and event log files on local and remote servers and workstations
- Support of both classic Windows NT event log format (EVT files) and new (Crimson) event log format (EVTX files)
- High performance - all events are loaded either into memory or into an optimized internal local database
- Active monitoring and alert - get informed about problems immediately
- Event log consolidation - you can consolidate different events in one place
- Log loading options to pre-filter event logs
- Advanced filtering by any criteria including event description text
- Manual and automatic backup of event logs
- Print and export to different formats
- Analytical reports - summary tables and pivot charts
- Credential manager

Pricing and Availability
Event Log Explorer 4 is compatible with Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7. Prices start from US$99.00. The personal license for non-commercial use is free! Further information on the product and the prices is available at http://eventlogxp.com

Product page link: http://eventlogxp.com
Company website: http://www.fspro.net
Application download link: http://eventlogxp.com/download/elex.zip
Screenshot: http://eventlogxp.com/sshots/main.jpg

Founded in 2000, FSPro Labs is a software development company specializing in information security solutions for home users and businesses. The major products of the company are Event Log Explorer, Hide Folders software, My Lockbox and Access Boss. All customers are provided with high quality support. For more information about FSPro Labs and its products please visit the company website.