Auto Accessories Online Retailer mAuto Store Announces Spike In Sales After First Product Launch

The online startup sold thousands of car sunshades in less than one month as the company celebrates the success of its first project.

Online PR News – 17-May-2012 – Miami FL – Exciting online startup mAuto store has a lot to shout about as the company announces record sales in less than a month since its first video launch. Today mAuto Store confirmed it has sold thousands of car sun shades since the product launch for its exclusive Eyes Car Shades was released April 17, 2012.

The long-awaited Eyes car sun shades burst onto the scene a month ago with a flurry of requests and the staggering increase in sales exceeded all expectations, according to CEO and founder Lester Mapp who knew they had a winner. He said, “We think our sunshades rock but the response proves our customers think so too.” Although he did not confirm the exact sales figures quoted to him, he did however state that the numbers were in the thousands.

By using a winning combination of creative advertising and excellent customer service.

The fact is when people need to buy car sunshades they are looking to get in and out as fast as possible with what is normally a boring purchase. They don’t generally post pictures of their windshield shade in their car but the Eyes Car Sun Shade is changing that. It seems not all auto sun shades are made equal.

When asked how they made people so excited about the product the simple answer from Mapp was, “By using a winning combination of creative advertising and excellent customer service.”

This little startup is raising eyebrows with its sudden record-breaking hike in car sunshades sales - a feat which should have been virtually impossible for a relative unknown. In fact, the announcement of its record-breaking feat is sure to create a stir within the industry as its competitors try to hone in on the main ingredient in its secret sauce.

All the company has done thus far in securing its place in the automotive accessories industry and in the minds of consumers is paying off. The tiny startup has spunk and instead of selling products it’s selling an image based on the way people want to see themselves and their vehicles. It’s a strategy that will pay off well into the future.

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