The Consumer Car Guy releases “Car Buying Guide 101”

Is there a right way to buy a car? What are the most common mistakes car-buyers make to blow their chances of getting the best deal possible? Brian King known as “The Consumer Car Guy”, a professional car buyer, reveals all in his latest release “Car Buying Guide 101”.

Online PR News – 21-May-2012 – Destin, FL – Generally the second biggest purchase in a persons’ life is buying a new car. It can also turn out to be one of the most expensive mistakes you could ever make. Most people that are in the market to buy a new car struggle with the idea of dealing with dealers and salespeople. They have countless questions to which they must know the answers before they go. Questions such as, should you reveal your monthly payment amount? Leasing it sounds good, but is it really a good deal? Should I trade or sell it myself? Will it help to buy from a friend in the business? Well struggle no more! Brian King, “The Consumer Car Guy” announces the release of his book, “Car Buying Guide 101”.

Car Buying Guide 101 is different from all other car buying books in that it has a “little something” that most others don’t. That little something is the information you need to get to a rock bottom price on the car of your dreams with the least amount of effort in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, Car Buying Guide 101 is written strictly and uniquely from the buyers’ perspective, which puts the consumer in the driver’s seat.

Author King has a special place in his heart for the consumer. He has been representing clients at the dealership for over 15 years. “An informed buyer is a salespersons’ worst nightmare” says King. In this complete guide consumers preparing to purchase a car will learn how to avoid the 10 most common mistakes car buyers make, the six things you should never tell the car dealer, how to reduce your negotiating time to 90 minutes or less, why not to buy online, or a friend, and much more. Author King has even taken the time to translate the salespersons lingo in a humorous way.

Car Buying Guide 101 is a complete guide without the fluff. Author King teaches you from Chapter 1 through Chapter 11 the exact step by step process he follows to ensure success. He teaches customers what research and tools they will need, how to shop for the best financing rates, how to set a time limit on your visit, determining trade-in value, the formulas for leasing or buying, how to reduce your insurance rates, plus much more. Car Buying Guide 101 also includes a glossary at the back of the book to ensure that the consumer understands what specific words mean and how they affect the deal..

Author King adheres to the motto: “The more you know, the less you will pay”. Car Buying Guide 101 provides all car buyers with the information they need to get the best car deal – quickly and easily without the hassle. If you are a consumer that is ready to get behind the wheel of a car, get your copy of Car Buying Guide 101 at

About the Author

Brian King is frequently on radio talk shows across the nation. He is the founder of Auto Solutions, the first firm in the US to provide services to consumers at the dealership in negotiations.

King was trained at the GM Institute in Union, NJ in modified systems for controlling consumers and influencing their buying decisions. These systems are now utilized by dealers all over the country.

After 10 years an auto salesman King decided to stop taking advantage of consumers and start helping them. His expertise as a negotiator has saved his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars from coast to coast.