Modern Pest Control Are Now The Leading Experts In Flea And Tick Control In Katy TX

Modern Pest Control have become Katy and West Houston's leading experts in Flea and Tick Control

Online PR News – 16-May-2012 – Houston TX – Modern Pest Control has recently purchased new software to assist with the expansion of operations in the West Houston area. Modern is now recognized as the leading pest control Experts in Houston, Katy, Sugarland and Memorial.

Fleas and ticks are always a big problem in Southeast Texas. Modern Pest Control performs roughly 20-30 flea and tick services per month. However, one of the biggest battles they fight is not necessarily with the flea or the Tick; it’s with the homeowner. When Modern treat flea problems in Houston there are a list of preparations that they ask customers to do. The success or failure of the treatment is TOTALLY dependent on how diligent the client is when performing the prep list items.
This list can be found on the Modern website under tips and preparations page.

These preparations include vacuuming areas where fleas are being seen; making sure the family pet is adequately protected with a PRESCRIPTION strength flea and tick medicine, what to do with the residents and other pets in the house during the treatment and other important information.

With all aspects of pest control it is extremely important that the service provider and the resident work TOGETHER. There must be an understanding that both are trying to work toward the ultimate goal of No fleas or ticks. If the pest control operator falls short in their side than the client will be soured on the service provider, likewise if the homeowner fails to hold up their end the bargain, the pest tech will likely endure more trips (Which he does not get paid for) and have to deal with an upset customer. (And no one likes to do that).

What is the solution to this problem? Modern Pest Control feels that it is simple. Communication. Modern strives EVERY day to enhance communication skills with the customer. To help aide in this Modern have recently purchased software that immediately upon creating a new account the customer will receive a welcome email. This email explains different things that customers should expect before, during and after the service as well as a few tips. This program has worked for Modern for years, (60 to be exact).

Modern Pest Control was founded in 1952 by Bill and Ruth Brashier with a service philosophy to deliver prompt, personalized pest control utilizing the latest pest control strategies and methods (hence the name “Modern”). Nearly 60 years later, the Brashier family legacy thrives with a strong commitment to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies and personal service that only an independently owned company can offer.
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