Floor Scales Direct Now Offering New Line of Portable Truck Scales

Floor Scales Direct, the leading online retailer of large truck scales, announces a new line of smaller, portable truck scales, designed for easy transport and on-the-go weighing.

Online PR News – 17-May-2012 – Olive Branch, MS – portable truck scales are now available from floor scales Direct, making it easier than ever for drivers to weigh their trucks. This new innovation will help owner-operators of eighteen wheelers to avoid penalties and fees for being overweight or for carrying more of a load than reported on paperwork.

A lot of our clients are surprised by how much they are saving in fines and fees. Plus a higher percentage of their loads are coming in complete and on time.

Until now, truck drivers had to rely on the word of the person loading the truck to make sure the load was accurately recorded. Many times, the only way to find out that figure was inaccurate was by stopping at a mandatory weigh station, where there is a large truck scale. Without knowing, drivers can pull into the weigh station and find out that the load they are carrying weighs much more than they thought. Unfortunately the consequence of this ignorance can be a hefty fine, or being prohibited from continuing with the load to the destination. Getting an overweight permit can delay the cargo by days, while dividing the load is impossible in some cases. If the freight is perishable, the bulk of the load can end up going to waste while the issue is resolved.

Similar to portable truck scales used by law enforcement to set up temporary weigh stations, the portable truck scales are designed to work together, with up to six units attached at once. In this way, the weight can be broken down by axle or added together for a combined total. This makes it easier to get an accurate idea of the weight and condition of the trailer. In the case of one axle being overloaded or damaged, this measure can save lives. Each portable truck scale is battery operated and comes with an A/C adapter for easy charging.

"We are always trying to offer innovative solutions to problems within the transportation industry. By providing this product to our customers, we can help them to prevent legal consequences, and stay safer on the road," said Matt Wendt, a spokesperson for Floor Scales Direct. "A lot of our clients are surprised by how much they are saving in fines and fees. Plus a higher percentage of their loads are coming in complete and on time."

About Floor Scales Direct
Floor Scales Direct is a leading online retailer of floor scales for trucks, livestock, and warehouse applications. Headquartered in Mississippi, Floor Scales Direct also manufactures custom-size floor scales for customers who require unique solutions. Floor Scales Direct is a division of Triner Scale & Manufacturing Co., Inc., one of the very first scale companies in the United States.

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