Eye4Software B.V. Released Eye4Software GPS Toolkit version 2.2

Today Eye4Software B.V. released version 2.2 of their GPS Toolkit for Windows.

Online PR News – 18-June-2009 – – This toolkit allows software developers to add GPS functionality to their programs, websites or scripts, without any knowledge on GPS and serial port protocols.
Application examples include: GPS mapping, GPS navigation, GPS positioning, time synchronization, hydrographic survey, map grid transformations, map datum transformations and more.

In this latest version, the successor of version 2.1, some new features were added:

It is now possible to perform conversions between different map datums and map grids, allowing you to convert the current GPS coordinates to the map grid of your choice, you can now for instance, output the GPS position directly to UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinates. Instead of using the GPS position, you can also set the source coordinates by hand.

Map projections supported include: Transverse Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic 1SP, Lambert Conformal Conic 2SP and Stereographic projection.

The package is now shipped containing two ActiveX controls, one supporting 32 bit Windows platforms, and a second one that can be used to write GPS applications on 64 bit Windows platforms.

The toolkit can be used from various programming, web and scripting environments, including: VBScript, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# .Net, Visual Basic.Net, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ builder, PHP, ASP and ASP.Net.

For more information about this product, please visit the product’s website at http://www.eye4software.com/products/gpstoolkit

Eye4Software B.V. is manufacturer of value for money GPS related software products.
Please check their website at http://www.eye4software.com for more information.