Less Junk Beta Launched, Aims to Add Human Element to Web Search Industry

LessJunk.org is now in Beta. This new search engine is all about adding asocial, human element to an industry defined by "crawlers" and "robots".

Online PR News – 16-May-2012 – Hailey, ID – Hailey, ID, May 16, 2012 -- Petzke Web Solutions has launched the beta version of their new search engine, Less Junk. LessJunk.org is a search engine that aims to completely redefine how one looks for information on the internet. It searches only the top 5000 sites on the internet, based on user votes.

This helps users find information more effectively in many ways. For one thing, they don't have to deal with the literally millions of results you get from a typical search query. Those millions of sites contain lots of unrelated, outdated, and downright useless information. As its name suggests, Less Junk returns less unwanted information in search results, helping users get only what they are really after.

Another big aim of Less Junk is to add a human and social element to the search engine industry. Companies define their search engines as having the best “crawlers” and “robots” that auto-magically prioritize sites. Less Junk takes only those sites that users have deemed the top 5000, so they know that the information wasn't just picked up by a computer, but by actual people.

Powered by Google's Custom Search Engine system, Less Junk is now in the beta stages of its development. It is slowly growing, and wants lots of user feedback to try and build the best possible search engine for its users. Depending on the success of this beta stage, the full release could happen in as little as a few weeks.

About LessJunk.org:
LessJunk.org is a project by Petzke Web Solutions, a company owned and operated solely by James Petzke. James is currently only a senior in high school, but he has already won various web design and application contests,and has worked in the technical field since he was in eighth grade. James aims to build his company around the Less Junk search engine, and eventually own a multitude of web properties that not only make money, but truly make the internet a better place for both businesses and consumers.

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