WeGoLook.com Goes International; Launches in United Kingdom

WeGoLook.com announces expansion of their agent base beyond the United States to provide inspection services in UK.

Online PR News – 16-May-2012 – Oklahoma City – Just in time for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, WeGoLook.com has expanded its services to the United Kingdom. Large events such as the Olympic Games are a magnet for fraud and scams. In July, thousands of people will flock to London to attend the Olympics or even to just be in the same city as this age-old tradition, and a large number of these people will become a victim of fraud or misrepresentation.

With rental properties, ticket sales, souvenirs and the like in high demand this summer, scam artists will prey upon unsuspecting tourists by offering fake or misrepresented accommodations or items in order to trick consumers out of their money prior to arrival. Now that WeGoLook is offering “London Looks”, there is a way for consumers and tourists to protect themselves from scammers while providing custom tasking on their behalf.

WeGoLook is a unique online service that sends a real person to perform a task or “Look” at something. WeGoLook features a vast network of “Lookers” (now in the UK) who are ready to be dispatched on a client’s behalf to an item, property or person anywhere in the UK to make a few basic observations. Lookers will verify the existence, condition and seller’s claims of any item, property or asset so consumers can avoid falling victim to fraud and misrepresentation. Lookers may take digital photos, video, observe working demonstrations, answer specific questions, offer transport and more. Lookers will also perform custom tasks like verifying a rental property (don’t send a deposit prior to verification), meeting to purchase tickets on behalf of a customer, delivering an item to a shipper and more. Offering field services with dynamic data capture and custom tasking for large corporate accounts is also a valuable service provided by WeGoLook.

Armed with a visual confirmation and completed personalized report, WeGoLooks’ customers are better informed, avoid costly surprises and benefit from unbiased confirmation without having to travel to the location of the item, property or persons themselves. In addition to their verification services, WeGoLook also offer task completion.

Our agents can assist your clients in many ways such as:

* Perform Custom Tasking (attend a meeting to take notes, pick up items and deliver to a shipper)
* Capture Dynamic Data (verify collateral assets, take photos of pallets prior or after transport, verify cargo, property, business addresses, persons, verify damaged goods)
* Complete Personalized Reports (with photos, video, measurements, observing working demonstrations of equipment or electronics, check VIN or Serial numbers)
* Arrange International Transport (heavy equipment, small items, picking up items from a store and delivering to UPS for shipment)
* Meet with an online date prior to someone traveling (to verify ID and take CURRENT photos and video)
* Submit requests in person, research, copy and ship courthouse documents
* Inspect autos prior to online purchase and transport
* Verify online craigslist or classified ad items to ensure no fraud or crime
* Provide “boots” and “eyes-on-the ground” for our customers- whatever needs to be done….WeGoLook will do it!

With services that are completely customizable to each individual’s needs, WeGoLook will prove to be just as valuable in the UK as it already is in the US.

About Us:
WeGoLook provides visual confirmation and a personalized report, completed by a real person, to verify a product, person, place or thing. WeGoLook.com has over 7,000 nationwide "Lookers" (background check verified). These agents will travel anywhere in the USA to inspect an item, auto, property, online date or anything onsite. WeGoLook customers are better informed, avoid costly surprises, plus benefit from unbiased confirmation without having to travel.

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