Multinational Classified Portal Launched

Kerry Marketing Inc. has launched a multinational classified portal where business owners and individuals can post their product related ads and can buy and sell online.

Online PR News – 16-May-2012 – Boulia Firies Co Kerry May 16, 2012 – Kerry Marketing Inc. has launched a multinational classified portal which is officially launched today. A complete marketing solution for large business as well as a brilliant platform for small business owners for effective marketing of their businesses. Perfect for both individuals and business owners to buy and sell their products.
It is great news for advertisers because they can not only advertise their products but can also have a great exposure to their sales as they will reach the potential customers effectively. Comes with bunch of features such as deep local marketing, direct interaction with clients and advertisers, meet company owners and sales managers to boost your business. Featured listings, top ads and specially advertised ads features are a plus.
Kerry Marketing also is in process of developing a social platform under ClassBidder where buyers and sellers will interact with each other live and can communicate with the power of latest social media platform. This will make a business environment where everyone can flourish his business whether small or large.
ClassBidder was formed as a result of social commerce having a huge influence on how people shop. ClassBidder is a social marketplace for placing ads and auctions from real people. We provide sellers and buyers a free and easy way to advertise their goods and services, while allowing shoppers to interact with sellers and each other. The ClassBidder Community is the perfect place to interact with friends and to make new friends. ClassBidder is a Global site from all continents. Set up an online store to advertise your products – it’s as easy as that!
ClassBidder with so many high quality features still remains as free to use for all over the world and Kerry Marketing Inc. has decided to keep it free for all people. will surely keep a happy business environment for all people.