Bruderman Brothers - Investment Broker-Dealer

Bruderman Brothers is a multi-generation family business that has been providing investment banking services for the last three generations since the late 1800s. A broker-dealer registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission since 1999, it is into Merchant Banking and Consulting Services, as well, servicing closely held companies and family businesses.

Online PR News – 24-February-2010 – – Bruderman Brothers Inc., ( an investmentbroker-dealer, provides investment banking services to their clients. They have advised wealthy European investors, charitable and religious organizations, and several royal families for three generations, since they started their management business in the late 1800s.

Bruderman Brothers is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Providing investment banking services to family businesses and closely held companies, they understand the objectives and challenges such companies face during transactions vis-à-vis personal, estate, and familial impact.

Bruderman Brothers provide investment banking services to a number of clients in diverse areas. The services include buy- and sell-side advisory, financial restructuring, capital raising, as well as equity sponsor advisory and financing. They have provided yeoman services to clients from retail, consumer goods, healthcare, apparel, financial services, logistics, and distribution, among others.

They find and evaluate potential acquisition targets for businesses looking to expand. On the other hand, they also help evaluate and recommend financial and strategic alternatives to clients who wish to sell their businesses or assets. They also assist their clients in negotiating and closing the sale after helping identify and select the buyers they find are most qualified.

According to their spokesperson, it is their “unrelenting commitment” that is the most discernable when compared to their competition.

Adding further, the spokesperson said that Bruderman Brothers have built their reputation on “superior client service, uncompromising integrity, and the involvement and dedication” of their senior management.

Bruderman Brothers do their Merchant Banking through their affiliate Bruderman Enterprises, Inc. Their investments cover a large array of companies, including health care, financial services, and consumer products and services industries.

They do business with companies that are closely held and those that are family businesses. They prefer businesses with proven business models, with years of experience and revenue growth, and those that have experienced management teams.

Bruderman base their decision to invest on the strength of the business and management team. They look typically at transactions of $25 million to $100 million, irrespective of where these businesses are located.

As investors, they believe in supporting the existing management team. They expect the team to remain together and continue with the day-to-day operations. If required, they alsofinance toward fund growth initiatives.

Recently, Bruderman Brothers has structured and arranged a minority equity investment in Dennis Basso – a prestigious fashion label.

While the recent global economic downturn has adversely affected the retail stores, the Dennis Basso label has performed exceptionally well.

Commenting on this, Dennis Basso says, “This capital infusion will allow us to continue to pursue our ambitious growth initiatives in 2010... The company would not have experienced this growth without the incredible dedication from Bruderman Brothers.”

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