New Offline GPS Navigation App for Canada launched by Be On Road

The iPhone GPS App shows users the way in Canada even when they can’t get an internet signal.

Online PR News – 16-May-2012 – Canada – It is every driver’s nightmare in the days of the Smart-phone. GPS Navigation is now so widespread that we use it on journeys without a second thought but if you are a resident or travelling in Canada, you need to take into account the effect the spectacular geography will have on your internet connection - high mountains, deep valleys and miles and miles of wilderness are truly breathtaking but will render your iPhone on-line navigations incapable of directing you to your destination.

Fortunately help is at hand with the new Be On Road Navigation Canada App.

The multi-lingual app, designed exclusively for Canada navigation and the Canadian road network, downloads on board maps to the phones memory so as long as their is power to the phone, you won’t disappear. The GPS app also works when there is an available internet signal, providing the user with the best of all worlds.

The app is priced at $19.99 but users can buy it now for $9.99 special offer including LIVE traffic information. This is an ideal solution and alternative to other memory and power hungry on-line navigation apps that rely 100% on internet access.

Be On Road Navigation Canada is produced by Aponia Software, who are an experienced App development company that have also built apps specifically for large European countries such as Russia.

The app is fully featured with route calculation, planning, dynamic routing capability for detours, journey time and distance calculation, 2D and 3D perspectives, 3D buildings, Day and Night mode, multi-lingual voice navigation and input, and many more benefits for the Canadian driver to enjoy and use.

Be On Road Canada also offers several Live Services to users when connected including LIVE traffic updates, weather reports, exchange rate information and messenger capabilities.

The app can be found in the iTunes app store or can be downloaded directly from . Users are also invited to share their experiences at the Facebook site -

Driving in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth was always a gamble with smart-phone internet signals but Be On Road Canada now makes the iPhone as reliable as any glove-box map.