Tier-Rack Helps Tire Companies Store Truck Tires

Truck tire racks have helped many tire companies with storing very big tires that are awkward and difficult to handle.

Online PR News – 15-May-2012 – St. Louis, Missouri – In recent times, Tier-Rack has started designing and manufacturing truck tire racks to store truck tires, bus tires, Off-The-Road tires, (OTR tires) Sport Utility Vehicle tires (SUV tires) and All-Terrain-Vehicle tires (ATV tires) for tire companies. Truck tire racks are mobile racks that can be moved very easily with the average forklift. These storage racks are also designed to stack up to 4 high when fully loaded which means you need a minimum of 22 feet of warehouse ceiling height to utilize their full capability.

The truck tire rack is larger and constructed with heavier tubing compared to passenger tire rack. The main differences between these two racks are the number of tires that can be stored. passenger tire racks have a tire capacity of 24 to 32 tires while truck tire racks hold approximately 12 tires per rack. For this reason tire companies stress that stack rack manufactures design racks that take up the least amount of room in their warehouse and still store as many tires as possible.

To learn more about stack racks click www.tier-rack.com, email sales@tier-rack.com, or call 1-800-325-7869.

Tier-Rack is the leading designer and manufacturer of stack rack, portable stacking racks and tire racks. The company has been designing and selling racks for over 55 years. Tier-Rack has manufacturing plants in North Carolina and in Mississippi and ships racks throughout North America.

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