Conlow Introduces His Latest Book Release, The SuperSTAR Leadership Model, To Media Moguls In NYC

Rick Conlow returns from the National Publicity Summit in New York City, where he was able to share his recent book release, The SuperSTAR Leadership Model: Good Boss, Bad Boss – Which One are You?, with the best and the brightest in the media industry.

Online PR News – 15-May-2012 – Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN – Conlow had the honor of attending the four-day National Publicity Summit. The event, which was hosted by Steve and Bill Harrison of Bradley Communications, allowed Conlow and selected others the unique opportunity to interview and interact with America’s top journalists and producers, one-on-one, face-to-face.

The biggest names in print, TV and radio attended, some of which included: CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America, Fortune, Entrepreneur, NY Post, and ABC’s The View. Conlow was able to interview his personal favorites, and he was able to share his latest pride and joy: The SuperSTAR Leadership Model: Good Boss, Bad Boss – Which One Are You?

The SuperSTAR Leadership Model is the most recent book release from Conlow and his business partner, Doug Watsabaugh. It continues to capture the attention of audiences everywhere by addressing topics that leaders need to know and equipping leaders with the skills they long to master. It does this by explaining how to:
• Bring out the best in a team.
• Create a team camaraderie that inspires stellar performance.
• Influence a team to rise above their capabilities.
• Hire the best people.
• Deal with conflict constructively.
• Motivate each performer to excel.
• Capture a team’s heart and spirit.
• Tap the creative abilities of a team.
• Execute goals and plans brilliantly.
• Establish a position as a talented SuperSTAR leader.
• Achieve superb results.

Just as Conlow asked the Summit’s media attendees how they became one among the best, The SuperSTAR Leadership Model explores what it takes to make it to the top! The Summit was a setting of SuperSTARs!

Conlow's energy and enthusiasm has engaged clients all over the country who want to excel in sales, service and leadership. Conlow is the CEO of WCW Partners, which is a performance-improvement company that’s dedicated to helping organizations increase sales and customer retention, while simultaneously improving employee loyalty, engagement, and productivity. Read their blog, download a complimentary leadership assessment or check out their new self-study training program.

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