Almeda University Celebrates Rising Popularity Of Online Education

Online education is a growing trend for both adults and children. Learning institutions that function through web-based instruction, like Almeda University, encourage early familiarization for online learning.

Online PR News – 15-May-2012 – San Juan, PR – Every year more and more adults join online universities to further their many educational and career goals. These programs have benefited everyone from busy stay-at-home mom to college-aged students who face a plethora of time restrictions. Almeda University is among these promising establishments, and is an institution that is dedicated to structuring personalized learning through online coursework.

A recent report from Voice of America states that adults are not the only individuals taking advantage of what web-based classrooms have to offer. Many parents are enrolling their young children and teenagers in online instruction courses to better fit the needs of the student. In Washington, D.C. the Community Academy Public Charter School Online (CAPCS) has established a thorough curriculum to teach youth the same subjects that are taught at public schools.

Eleven years ago when Almeda University begun its online education system it was a difficult process for students because they had difficulty conceptualizing the new streaming media concepts.

Some counter the growing trend, stating flexible schooling is a resource that removes social interaction – a quality that many believe is integral to a child’s development. However, students of CAPCS still get to engage with a teacher and other students through streaming real-time communication. Students have found that programs like CAPCS help remove distractions associated with physical schools and allow them to focus and advance at a pace that is right for them.

Almeda University is an advocate of online education for these very reasons; the practice also helps children prepare for a growing online presence in future education. Richard Smith, Almeda University Executive, states, “Getting used to online learning needs to begin early.” Smith observes that many older online students have to spend additional time adjusting to the way online classrooms work in terms of communication and functionality. Younger students who are in their 20s, on the other hand, have grown up with a heavier focus on computers and Internet applications. In turn, these younger individuals are more prone to dive in to online coursework and fully benefit from the process.

Smith has witnessed this shift first hand and reflects on his experience, “Eleven years ago, when Almeda University begun its online education system, it was a difficult process for students because they had difficulty conceptualizing the new streaming media concepts.” However he recognizes the progress of online learning, crediting all educational institutions that incorporate web-based learning into their curriculum.

Such programs, like CAPCS, continue to expose more and more young students to this type of learning, and will most likely because of a future attendance increase in online higher education classrooms.

Founded in 1997, Almeda University has been helping students all over the globe achieve their educational goals through a variety of online programs. Almeda University is a learning institution that is committed to developing web-based applications to better serve online students. The school implements a unique approach of personal assessment to better fit the many different lifestyles of their ever-growing student body. The institution offers a wide selection of study areas that continues to grow.

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