New Book Release: Easy Paleo Recipes

Sue Fleckenstein and Corey Lewis just released their new book titled Easy Paleo Recipes. It is a compilation of 3 recipes per day for 30 days.

Online PR News – 16-May-2012 – Sutton West, Ontario – Sue Fleckenstein and Corey Lewis just released their newest recipe book "Easy Paleo Recipes". This recipe book comprises 3 recipe per day for 30 days. Readers get a breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe all based on the Paleo concept.

The Paleo theory comprises of eating foods that are found in nature. Basically these were foods that could be hunted, grown or found in the wild.

Today with so many people trying to eliminate processed foods and get back to healthy foods, following a low carb diet is increasing in popularity.

Whether you are trying to limit your carbohydrate intake or just eat healthier then Easy Paleo Recipes is a fantastic starting place. With your meals set out for the next 30 days there is no reason why you won't start looking leaner and feeling healthier immediately.

About Sue Fleckenstein

Sue lives in the Ontario countryside with her husband of 25 years and their 2 dogs. They are visited by plenty of wildlife on a daily basis, including wild turkeys, Canada geese, ducks, deer and even the odd coyote.

Sue is a full time writer and has enjoyed writing for herself and many well known internet marketers. As well she enjoys eating healthy and exercising and is currently on a mission to lose a few pounds as well.

Sue is currently working on more cookbooks, diet books and even some non food related content.

Corey Lewis is a certified as an ISSA Personal Trainer, Crossfit Olympic Lifting Coach and a Crossfit Mobility coach. In his spare time he competes in fitness competitions.

Corey was a bakery owner who decided to rejoin the military after the 9/11 attacks. He served in Afghanistan with the US Army for 2 deployments as an Infantryman. Since then he has discovered his true passion for helping people get fit and lose weight.

Corey is working towards his Precision Nutrition coaching course, which is the most comprehensive nutrition course available to personal trainers today.