Blogtalkradio’s In The Mind of DCS brings in the Experts for a Round Table Discussion

Paranormal 101’s Saturday night segment In The Mind of DCS will host its first round table discussion with autonomous theologian and eschatologist Patrick Cooke, and political activist and metaphysician, Jeff Grupp.

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – February 2010 – Paranormal 101’s new Saturday night host, highly acclaimed author and metaphysical researcher, DCS is bringing in the big guns for what will be an intense two hours of talk radio. On Saturday February 23rd, Paranormal 101’s In the Mind of DCS will bring to the table esoteric experts Patrick Cooke and Jeff Grupp to touch upon topics such as Science and Mysticism, Co-Creation, Metaphysics, Practical Avatars of our times, Government Conspiracy Theories that should have served as a wakeup call, and much more!

Patrick Cooke is the show host of Matrix Radio on BTR, which hosts a Paranormal Forum every Friday evening. But much more than that, Patrick is an author, publisher, autonomous theologian, eschatologist, and independent researcher residing in Berkeley, California. His main work, the Bible UFO Connection website, is one of the most comprehensive databases on UFO research, exotheology, the paranormal, human destiny, end-times prophecy, doctrinal theology, and world conditions on the internet. Patrick has also been a consultant to the History Channel Production “UFOs in the Bible”. To learn more about Patrick and Matrix radio visit his website.

Jeff Grupp is a former college philosophy professor that focused specifically on specifically: Eastern philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, and Buddhism. He is now a political activist. Metaphysician and author. His hugely popular radio show on BTR Antimatter Radio airs every weekday at 11 am EST. He has two published books Telementation: Cosmic Feeling and the Law of Attraction and Corporatism which Alex Jones called, “Excellent… An amazing book; a remarkable book. Just very very interesting… I suggest you get it today.” To learn more about Jeff and his work visit his website.

“I’m terribly excited to these well informed gentlemen on Paranormal 101,” said host DCS. “They’ve both had amazing accomplishments in their continuing careers, and the wealth of knowledge they will bring to 101 listeners is priceless.”

Paranormal 101 was founded by musician, metaphysian, and researcher Steve Orion. The Saturday night segment In the Mind of DCS begins at 9 pm CST. DCS is the highly acclaimed author of Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening, that critics are hailing as “The Godfather meets Stargate.” Her show on BTR is gaining popularity with its edgy controversial topics, and genuine positivity in spreading information that she believes is critical to our times.

“We are living in a rapidly evolving world,” says DCS. “It’s important for people to have some place they can go to get real, practical information on what this shift in consciousness is all about.”