A Kid Place Announces Launch of Berlin Flyer Product Line

Online kids’ merchant unveils fine collection of American-made wagons. These safe, durable wagons which are made by the Amish are sure to please children, parents and anyone in need of a strong, heavy-duty wagon for play, work, or both.

Online PR News – 18-May-2012 – Wayne, NJ – Internet retailer A Kid Place has announced that it is launching a new line of wagons from Berlin Flyer, an Amish manufacturer located in the heart of Amish Country, Ohio, U.S.A.

Bonnie Lim, founder of A Kid Place, states that “With the shape of our country’s economy today, and more and more American citizens out of work, I have decided to make a dedicated effort to locate more products that are made in the U.S.A. One problem I usually encounter is price. Most American-made products are more expensive than those made overseas, and much more so at that. Many are tough to afford for the average family. When I discovered Berlin Flyer, I was delighted, as not only are they located in the U.S. and make all their own products here, the wagons are affordable.”

Berlin Wood Products, Inc. was formed in 1965 as a lawn and garden tool manufacturer. Shortly after that, they started concentrating on the wood pieces these items were comprised of and began distributing them to the primary companies in the trade. Berlin started their wooden wagon collection in the early 1970’s to put the wood that otherwise would have been wasted to good use. And now, over 30 years later, their wooden wagon line is still going strong.

Berlin doesn’t resort to the typical antics of many of today’s companies of covering up inferior quality with unnecessary extras. Quality and perseverance are the only things that go into their wagons, resulting in superior products that will still be here long after those that are made by competitors cutting corners just to make a quick, easy buck.

All Berlin Flyer wagons are crafted of natural hardwoods with plywood bottoms, riveted stake pockets, and dual side racks in classic red. Most of the wagons are also available with green side racks and yellow wheels, which makes a fresh update to an old classic. Not just for fun, their strong construction make these wagons perfect also for hauling heavy loads over rough surfaces. The long handles that each wagon is equipped with make pulling easy. Added to all this is the NO-TIP® Steering, which is a registered trademark of Berlin Wood Products.

Children as young as three years old can go for rides in a Berlin wagon, starting with the Pee-Wee Flyer wagon, and they can sit in it until the age of 8. Berlin’s most popular wagon, the Flyer wagon is for kids age 6 and all the way up to adult. There are two models of the Flyer. The F310 which is the regular Flyer and the F310BB which offers ball bearings for just a few dollars more. The Berlin Express wagon is also for children ages 6 and older, but has big, inflatable pneumatic tires. The Sport wagon and Loadmaster wagon have big, inflatable pneumatic tires as well, but they are suited for children age 8 and up.

For more information and to view this premium collection of finely crafted wagons, visit A Kid Place online today.