Streamline Control Solutions Launches The Future of SCADA Survey to Engage Industry Experts

Questionnaire designed to determine current industry opinions regarding the future of SCADA systems and to ignite conversation

Online PR News – 18-May-2012 – Calgary, AB – Bart Nelissen, Principal at Streamline Control Solutions, announced today that Streamline has launched the company’s first-ever online survey, “The Future of SCADA.” The goal of the survey is to gather information and opinions from industry professionals regarding the future of SCADA systems.

“We decided to launch the online survey to gather insight about the future of SCADA, and the effect the new technology is having on SCADA systems like the cloud,” stated Nelissen. “We want to learn how different organizations are working to incorporate these changes while still maintaining the integrity of data measurement. It is important that we understand how organizations are overcoming SCADA related hurdles.”

The survey addresses a wide variety of topics, including new SCADA systems, software, DCS systems, market share, internal relationships, remote access and industry standards. “Our goal is to learn as much about the perception of the future of SCADA as possible. We look forward to the many opinions that we will be getting from a variety of different industry experts,” Nelissen concluded.

Streamline is encouraging people to participate in the conversation about SCADA technology. The future of SCADA survey will be available online for the next two weeks and can be found at www(dot)streamlinecontrol(dot)com/FutureOfScada_Survey.

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