Denver Chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Parham Joins Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice

Denver chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Parham has joined with Washington, DC based Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice. "Joining the ARHP helps supports my commitment to using Reorganizational healing model to improve the quality of life for my practice members".

Online PR News – 14-May-2012 – Denver, CO – Dr. Jeffrey Parham, a chiropractor in Denver with 25 years of experience has joined the ARHP (Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice) to further support his commitment to using Reorganizational healing model to create sustainable life change for members of his practice. The ARHP (Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice) is a Washington, DC based not-for-profit professional organization that promotes, supports, and advances the profession and practice of Reorganizational Healing and Reorganizationally Informed practices such as Somato Respiratory Integration and Network Spinal Analysis. As the founder of Wellness Rhythms (a health and wellness company), he draws on years having lived in a transformative spiritual community, his meditation experience, and over 25 years of transformative body work to help people lead a healthier life using a Reorganizational Healing approach.

Reorganizational Healing or ROH, an emerging concept created and designed by Dr. Donald Epstein of the Association for Network Care Research is already creating waves in the healthcare industry. As a part of its goal to promote emotional and physical well-being, ROH empowers people by helping them understand and analyze their life experiences in a lucid manner, thereby improving the quality of their life. “As a Denver chiropractor, my passion is to turn on the power of life in people of all ages, while releasing the full expression of the body’s innate healing ability for optimum health, wellness, flow, ease and vibrant life experience, says Dr. Jeffrey Parham, “Using ROH, I see a person’s nervous system and spine reorganize to a higher level of function and life expression before my very eyes.”

Dr. Jeffrey Parham, DC is a certified practitioner of the transformative reorganizational wellness techniques Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration working within the reorganizational healing model. As a published writer and speaker who has produced/hosted numerous health and wellness radio and television shows, he helps others re-organize their structures (spine and nervous system) for greater health, wellness and transformation.

For more information regarding the various chiropractic services that he offers, visit or contact Dr. Parham by phone at (303) 722-1104.

Wellness Rhythms Chiropractic was started by Dr. Jeffrey Parham who draws on his 25 years of healing experience to help you experience the most life has to offer! Using Network Chiropractic care within the Reorganizational Healing Model Dr. Parham seeks to help you experience the freedom of a healthy spine.

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