LowVig Takes Credit For Casino Comeback in Las Vegas and Atlantic City

New report suggests 0.15% rebate on all online casino action is fueling trips to land-based casinos

Online PR News – 14-May-2012 – Panama, City – A recent report out of Atlantic City shows that the casino industry is making a comeback after taking a significant beating during the recession. While the big conglomerates would argue that improved properties and better entertainment has helped attract patrons, one online casino is taking some of the credit for the industry's 3% increase in profits nationwide. Rebate casino site LowVig released a report that shows its customers are spending more money offline in Las Vegas and Atlantic City as a result of its permanent rebate model.

"We surveyed our players, asking them how they spend all the money they save by playing at our online casino," stated a LowVig spokesperson. "An overwhelming majority are making more frequent trips to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and properties on the strip and boardwalk are reaping the rewards of our player rebates."

An overwhelming majority are making more frequent trips to Las Vegas and Atlantic City and properties on the strip and boardwalk are reaping the rewards of our player rebates.

The "vig" in LowVig refers to the "vigorish," or "juice" or "commission," that a sportsbook or casino offers on a game. LowVig’s sportsbook offers gamblers lower juice than the competition, featuring lines starting at -105, well below the -110 industry average.

At LowVig's online casino, players are finding more money in their pocket with 0.15% rebates on all casino action. LowVig takes into account all wagers made, not just money lost, when calculating a player’s rebate. That means a casino player who wins consistently will also receive 0.15% of whatever they wagered back in their account. Payments are made in cash, every day, directly into each player's LowVig account.

LowVig's survey also asked players how they spend their rebate money while in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The results mirror the casino industry’s findings. According to both reports, more than 25% of casino patrons said they rarely or never gamble at the land-based casinos, opting instead for non-gambling attractions, including shows, spa outings, dining, and more.

"For years, land-based casinos have argued that online casinos eat into their revenue," continued the LowVig spokesperson. "Our survey shows the opposite is true. We're actually helping the big Vegas casinos recover by providing gamblers with more spending money. It's a win-win situation—for players, for the big gambling states, and for us."

For casino players interested in saving up for a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, LowVig offers it with its Simply Better Value casino cash back offering.

About LowVig
LowVig launched in 2011, with a 'Simply Better Value' guarantee which is expressed through reduced juice sports betting, horse rebates, poker rakeback and casino rebates; all day and every day. The 'Simply Better Value' guarantee is made possible because LowVig doesn't spend large amounts on advertising campaigns, affiliate deals, or promotions. Instead, all of the value is passed on to the Individual Bettor; ensuring significant word of mouth advertising.