LowVig Sports Bettors Netted More Profit During First Round of NBA Playoffs

Reduced juice sportsbook continues to provide spreads and totals value as Round 1 of the NBA continues

Online PR News – 14-May-2012 – Panama, City – Just as the Spurs effortlessly swiped the title of its series with the Jazz in Round 1 of the NBA playoffs, sports bettors at LowVig are finding that taking in more profit is a cakewalk. The reduced-juice sportsbook continues to offer sports bettors around the world better value for every game of the NBA playoffs as the first round comes to a close. Spreads and totals listed at -110 at competing sportsbooks are listed at -105 at LowVig.

The "vig" in LowVig refers to the "vigorish," or "juice" or "commission," that a sportsbook or casino has on a game. While most sportsbooks offer lines at -110 juice (lay $110 to win $100), LowVig offers theirs as low as -105 (lay $105 to win $100). The numbers translate to a 50 percent discount on many sports, including NBA playoff games.

For example, with the Philadelphia 76ers -3 vs. Chicago Bulls game on Wednesday night, a player would need to drop $110 to win $100 at competing sportsbooks. With LowVig’s reduced-juice model, the same bet would only cost the bettor $105.


While a $5 difference might seem like pocket change to occasional sports bettors who only want to bet $100 on a single game, for serious sports bettors, the potential to score more profit is enormous.

LowVig invites players to bet as much as $5,000 per game, well above the industry norm. That means a sports bettor at a competing site with -110 juice would have to lay down $5,500 to win $5,000. At LowVig, the same bet would cost just $5,250.

With 36 NBA playoff games already wrapped up, sports bettors who turned to LowVig to bet on Round 1 have already made significant financial gains.

"The first round of the playoffs aren't even over, and we've already seen three dozen games play out," continued the LowVig spokesperson. "Let's assume that a sports bettor wagered on every NBA playoff game so far and won just 52.78% of them. At LowVig, the bettor would have to lay down $5,250 with us to win $5,000. Assuming 19 bets were won and 17 bets were lost, the bettor would net a profit of $5,750."

The LowVig spokesperson notes that to arrive at that number, they simply multiplied 19 winning games by $5,000 to get $95,000, and then subtracted the total amount lost, which is $89,250 (17 x $5,250).

"At a competing sportsbook that offers -110 juice, the bettor would have walked away with the same amount of money from their winning NBA playoff bets as they would have at LowVig. But they would have lost a lot more when their picks didn’t play out," continued the LowVig spokesperson. "That's because instead of losing $89,250 at LowVig, the bettor would have lost $93,500, for an overall profit of only $1,500."

Those considering placing bets during the remainder of the NBA playoffs can see firsthand how much they could save by choosing LowVig over the competition. Through the online sportsbook’s profit calculator, serious sports bettors can compare their potential for profit at LowVig to any one of a dozen other online sportsbooks.

The calculator requires only four pieces of information—the sport, the average bet amount, the number of bets placed in a typical week, and where they usually place their bets. No signup is required to see how LowVig.com does promise, and provide, Simply Better Value during the NBA playoffs.

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