The Merger of LA Culture and LA Life Creates the Ultimate LA Website

Simply, Anything LA: an evening out, a good dentist in LA, home remodeling in Beverly Hills, LA arts and entertainment, and more. is served fresh daily, with a side of humor, wisdom, sarcasm, and – of course! - Twitter.

Online PR News – 24-February-2010 – – The predecessor of, Cultural Events in Los Angeles enjoyed Online success since 2004. (Governor of California, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself commended Cultural Events in Los Angeles for its commitment to working for a better California.) Business in Los Angeles Directory did great in its own right. The magic happened however when the two already successful Websites merged into one and - to encompass the many topics each covers - took on the name Anything LA. From the very start has become an instant success. Today, it boasts many supporters, followers and fans.

Look at it this way: there was the era of powerful LA newspapers and the era of Angelenos bonding over cappuccinos at Starbucks, today we all congregate for a quick, no-nonsense information check and exchange Online. is LA in a nutshell and since it’s a Website it involves no gas to get there, no parking hassles, and no tickets to enter. Simply home sweet home LA Online!

Anything LA covers a multitude of local topics. An extensive arts and entertainment section covers the latest on Cultural Events in Los Angeles. An interesting restaurant section features a variety of restaurants (by cuisine) open for Dinner in LA or even a Dinner in Beverly Hills. Los Angeles Health Directory showcases doctors by specialty as well as dentists. For those shopping for – or selling – properties in Los Angeles or a property in Beverly Hills there is a special area as well. LA home improvement section offers unique resources for Los Angeles area homeowners. And hey, if you happen to be looking for LA apartments for rent: yes, they can be found on Anything LA as well. From local Los Angeles news and entertainment to LA professional services and shopping in Los Angeles, all local LA resources integrated “under one roof” for a fast reference for Angelenos.

Better yet, has a variety of stunning and free widgets available. Any visitor is welcome to use them on his or her Website, Blog, or personal page on social networks and – since the widgets are self updating - stay abreast of the latest information.
Finally and most importantly perhaps, welcomes dialog, they’re twitting away, daily……… is Los Angeles’ own Website, run by LA residents for LA residents. With thousands of visitors a day, Anything LA is also a great venue for LA business, LA realtors, LA restaurants, LA doctors and LA dentists who want to address specifically local, Los Angeles consumers Online.

Anais Nin once said: “I am beginning to appreciate Los Angeles. True, Frank Lloyd Wright called it a lot of suburbs looking for a city (he also said: the United States tilts to the southwest and everything loose ended up in Southern California), and I still resent the long drives on the freeways. But I now feel this is the only large cosmopolitan city where I can be warm all year, close to the sea and still create my own paradise just five minutes from downtown.” A lot may have changed since, but there is still NO better place to create your own version of paradise than Los Angeles. is for those who live in LA, love LA and insist on keeping the California Dream alive……