No Green Light For Proposed Residential Cell Tower

Online PR News – 19-May-2012 – Port Frank, Ontario – Lambton Shores Municipal Council last week heard two motions related to wireless communication installations in Port Franks, Ontario. Council passed a motion for non-concurrence regarding a residential tower site proposed by Bell Canada. A history-making motion brought forward by Councillor John Russell requested staff research and report in consideration of creating a ‘white zone’ in the hamlet of Port Franks; this motion also passed. This would be a first in Canada—protecting residents, employees, visitors and the area’s unique natural environment from radiation generated by wireless communications installations. The report will include Official Planner consultation. Russell confirmed, “This has been sent to staff to investigate, and the issue will be brought back to Council with more information that answers how the idea fits within our planning parameters.”

A ‘white zone’ is an area where outdoor and indoor air pollution by the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by communications antennas is minimized or eliminated. Proven safer and effective communication technologies are available to improve services. For years, this area on the eastern shore of southern Lake Huron has had fibre optic cable—a newer technology that many Canadian communities lack.

Residents applauded Council’s forwarding-looking decision to investigate this topic, “This not a move against industry, it sets the health of the town as top priority.” More than 200 residents of the 460 homes in Port Franks submitted statements opposing all proposed communications antennas due to health risks to the townspeople, area wildlife, and abundant natural areas home to many endangered species and included requests to deem the area a ‘white zone’.

Public requests for further information can be sent to TowerPF@yahoo.ca.