Jim Nyquist Finds Real Estate Success As House-Flipping Takes Center Stage

Many bold investors are finding great success through the practice of house-flipping—among them famous rapper and singer Vanilla Ice. In light of this, real estate agents like Jim Nyquist are doing better than ever.

Online PR News – 13-May-2012 – Austin, Texas – Vanilla Ice is a rapper and entertainer who is known to many for his big hit single, “Ice, Ice Baby.” While the song was a blockbuster, ultimately selling many records, a recent report from CNBC finds that the entertainer has found another line of work that is every bit as lucrative—house flipping. And Vanilla Ice is hardly the only one to have found success in this field; more and more bold investors are making profits off of house-flipping ventures. The ones who are truly thriving off of this new real estate trend, however, are realtors like Jim Nyquist, who specialize in house-flipping.

CNBC quotes Vanilla Ice as saying that, in recent years, he has taken to “buying dilapidated houses” and then investing time in sprucing them up. Then he puts them back on the market and sells them, often for “a big profit.” The process has proven so lucrative for him that he has even garnered his own reality TV show, The Vanilla Ice Project.

buying dilapidated houses

According to real estate agent Jim Nyquist, however, investors don’t need reality TV cameras to find house-flipping success. Nyquist, an Austin-based agent who specializes in short sales, foreclosures, and house flips, has released a press statement, responding to Vanilla Ice’s recent comments. “It is nice to have a celebrity offer backing to the process of house-flipping, because while some Americans still think of it as decidedly unglamorous work, the truth is that many adventurous investors make a ton of money doing this,” Nyquist says.

Nyquist continues to confirm the comments made by Vanilla Ice, noting that now is an ideal time to invest in “fix-me-up” properties, and then to flip them for a profit.

“The effects of the market crash from a few years back can still be seen, quite clearly, in the form of the numerous foreclosures and short sales that are out there,” explains Jim Nyquist. “Over the next year and a half or so, however, banks are going to essentially flush these properties out, unloading their dilapidated properties as quickly as they can. Now is the time to buy homes for amazing rates, and then to flip them and make a profit as overall economic conditions start to improve.”

Nyquist’s statement also offers practical advice for those seeking to embark on a house-flipping venture. Specifically, he urges potential buyers to consider that there is more than just price to think about. “Many would-be flippers think that just because they see a low price tag, that it’s a sound investment,” notes Jim Nyquist. “Remember, however, that you don’t just have to buy the place, but also sell it. Looking at the location itself, and seeing how well houses in the area tend to sell, is an essential piece of research.”

Jim Nyquist is, at 59 years old, a real estate professional with almost four decades of experience in the industry. A graduate of Minnesota State University – Mankato, the realtor currently lives and works in the greater Austin area. He specializes in short sales, foreclosures, and house-flipping ventures. Jim Nyquist is zealous for helping his buyers and investors find the best deals and obtain the most effective financing possible.