Pinwheel Books Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Book About Poop

Publisher Has Partnered With Hooked On Science To Get Kids Excited About Science

Online PR News – 14-May-2012 – Boston, MA – Where does poop come from and what happens to it when we flush it down the pipes? Most kids don't know the answers to these questions, yet the topic fascinates them. It's a perfect teachable moment, an opportunity to get kids excited about science, and most parents miss out on it because there just aren't many good resources to teach kids about this topic.

Enter "All About Poop," an engaging book that is NOT the typical book about the fact that everyone poops, nor is it a book about going to the potty. All About Poop is a fun and educational children's book (grades K-3) starring an inquisitive boy and his dog. Together with the reader they discover how poop is formed and what happens when it's flushed down the pipes. The book is written by award-winning mom blogger Kate Hayes (twitter: @bostonblogmom) with clever, humorous rhyme, and the illustrations are captivating.

The book isn't in stores yet, but with help from people all over the country, it will in September. Pinwheel Books, a small, independent and very passionate publishing house for children's books in Boston, is using the increasingly popular platform known as Kickstarter to raise funds for the book's marketing campaign.

The Kickstarter Capaign

With Kickstarter, people can pledge any amount of money--as little as $1--to help a cause they believe in. Backers of All About Poop are parents, teachers and artists who believe in high quality, educational books and think it's time to get kids excited about science.

Pinwheel Books has less than 30 days left to raise $7000. On the Kickstarter web site, people can pledge various amounts in exchange for certain "rewards." One of the rewards, for $20, includes a copy of the book. People who pledge don't get charged unless the campaign is successful. By the same token, if Pinwheel Can't raise the full $7000, it doesn't get any money at all. This is the magic of crowd funding: it's the power of the group that makes the difference. If enough people pledge their support, even at a $5 level, Pinwheel Books will be able to afford a great marketing campaign to take All About Poop on a nationwide book tour.

Pinwheel Books has partnered with Jason Lindsey, a.k.a "Mr. Science," and the founder of Hooked on Science, to design a teacher and parent guide that will expand upon the concepts discussed in All About Poop and will include really cool experiments about the digestive system and poop!

A sneak preview of All About Poop is available on Pinwheel Book's web site.

About Pinwheel Books:
Pinwheel Books is a small, independent publisher of children's books based in Brookline, MA. It was founded by a former scientists an healthcare journalist, who is also a mom of five children.

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