Publish Green Released A New Diet/Lifestyle Book Called Chrisso Diet By Chrisso

Chrisso Diet is a diet/lifestyle that will help people achieve their goal weight easily and effectively.. Released by Publish Green, A Division of Hillcrest Media Group.

Online PR News – 11-May-2012 – Hollywod / California – Chrisso Diet is a diet program
that will help people lose weight
fast and it will also help them remain
slender for the rest of their lives.
Chrisso says that this Diet/Lifestyle book is like no other…

Chrisso earned a degree in ( Nutrition , Diet , and Health) From Ashwoth College.
He knows all the right and proper secrets to weight loss.
{He is a Diet Expert}

He has done extensive research on nutrition, diet , and health.
According to Chrisso, this unique diet plan truly works.

Chrisso promises to help everyone achieve their desired goal weight.

How the program works is fairly simple just follow the three-step regime:

STEP 1: The Begin Step > [ A 20 Day Program ]

STEP 2: The Add-On Step > [ Until people reach their goal weight ]

STEP 3: The Maintenance Step >[ Secrets , tips , and advice on
remaining thin forever. ]

Chrisso’s incomparable diet book will guide people ( The Easy Way )

Chrisso’s intention is to help millions achieve their perfect dream body.
In Chrisso Diet , Chrisso reveals life-altering weight loss secrets.

This extraordinary Diet book will truly change people's lives forever.

The Book Also contains 40 very powerful Health Affirmations.

The Final chapter includes Healthy recipes like: soups , salads , and main dishes.

Chrisso announced to the press that Chrisso Diet, is a diet Celebrities will love.

Chrisso Diet will only be released as an Ebook for now at All the online book stores,
including: iBooks , Amazon , Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.

You can connect with Chrisso on Facebook , Twitter , and his Official Site.

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