Newly Launched ISocial Script Empowers Webmasters To Compete In The Networking World

Social networking has seen tremendous growth in recent years, so starting a powerful social networking site will fetch popularity and earn impressive profits in a short time span.

Online PR News – 18-June-2009 – – Chennai, India: June 11, 2009 – Social networking is the fastest growing activity on Web 2.0 – the basic idea behind it is socializing. Everyone has started socializing with each other for nurturing friendship and business. iSocial is a powerful social networking script that helps webmasters build an effecient, user-friendly social networking site.

One can make money on social networking sites through monthly subscriptions and at large, they can make money by placing advertisements. To make money, start an elegant website with a concept that could attract more visitors. A website could make money, only when the website attracts the attention of people towards itself.

iSocial facilitates webmasters to build a RIA-based website which offers a responsive and seamless interface to users. With RIA, users can get fast page loading, easy navigation and smooth handling of site. The Open social developer network in iSocial lets developers with standard JavaScript and HTML create apps that access a social network's friends and update feeds.

Similar to Facebook connect, iSocial comes with iSocial connect to help users carry their credential data to other sites integrated with iSocial connect API. The photo snap features comes with the techniques- clear, filter, distort, frame and scene. The unique features of iSocial don’t stop with this, it includes open ID, multi-lingual support, Shindig and applications, videos, photos, customizable classifieds and much more.

“We are proud to launch the iSocial script with extraordinary features in the web masters’ networking world. We hope they can satisfy their users and earn more moeny with our iSocial script and recommend our excellent script to their friends” said Ms. Sheerin, the Vice President of Ahasan.

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iSocial is one more hot product from Ahsan Technologies, a leading provider of Web 2.0 applications and experts in Social Networking Software for business enterprises and startups.

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