A Princess Captured: Vintage Portrait Photography Workshop By Artist Leena Kejriwal

Portrait photography, indeed a thing of sophistication, has been captured in its essence by Leena Kejriwal, an installation artist based in Kolkata.

Online PR News – 11-May-2012 – Kolkata/ West Bengal – “A Princess Captured” conceptualized by Kolkata photography and installation artist Leena Kejriwal, was about a unique photography session where a woman could get a Portraiture Photography clicked, all in the vintage settings by the ace photographer!

Years back portrait photography was considered a mark of sophistication. To revive the vintage feeling yet again a portrait photographic event called “A Princess Captured” was organized at Hindustan Park, Kolkata. The occasion glorified different roles of a woman and presented the unique opportunity of dressing like Queens and Princess in order to get their timeless portrait clicked: courtesy Leena Kejriwal, India’s well renowned woman photographer.

So what inspired Leena to organize such an event? “During my school days I read a story called Model Millionaire- a rich man’s whim to be painted as a beggar, bemusing indeed. I wanted to relive the amusement through my camera-play. And what better theme to recreate?” smiles Mrs Kejriwal. “This was once-in-a lifetime opportunity for those interested in art, those interested in photography.” opined Leena.

Photography as an art got reckoned through portrait photography. People enjoyed taking pictures of their near and dear ones and framed them as portraits. The event “A Princess Captured” held on 10th April, 2012 at 51/2 Hindustan Park, Kolkata brought back memories of vintage portrait photography. In fact it was a tribute to celebrate femininity and to honour women who come into our life as mothers, daughters, sister and friends.

“Whether it is the creation of a painter or in the poetic expression of a poet, women have been considered to epitomize beauty. In earlier days, portrait photography was a popular recreation among the elite. Women with rich embellishment and wearing expensive linen were the subject of photography.” explains Leena,. The event “A Princess Captured” provided best opportunity to have a great portraiture photograph hang on the dining hall wall. Significant contributions came from Leena Kejriwal in collaboration with Onset who has designed royal settings for the photographic event.

Vasundhara Mantri created jewellery for the occasion which were called the Princess jewellery, Rohan Arora took up the responsibility of bringing about an interesting makeover that saw the fusion of old vintage appeal amalgamated with quirky street style for the new age royal princess and the urban outfit collection came from Divya Seth’s creations. Quite naturally the event was a super hit!

About Leena Kejriwal: Leena Kejriwal is a photographer and installation artist based in Kolkata.