New Styles 2010 Collection Features Enchantment and Provocative Avant Garde Fashion

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – LOS ANGELES, Calif. – It’s here and it’s now. The Hairdreams New Styles Collection showcases new looks that take fashion and hair to new levels. In 2010, the premier hair extension specialist Hairdreams features a new outlook for hairstyles combining artistic beauty with fairytale, dreamy hair and then, taking it to the opposite side of the fashion spectrum with shocking color and fun modernism.

Two distinct styles take center-stage in Hairdreams New Styles Collection: “Bewitchment-Style” takes a romantic turn with voluminous, long flowing locks, while “Techno-Folk” Style provides a youthful, colorful, avant garde effect for those who want to make an instant fashion statement. Hairdreams New Styles were photographed exclusively by renowned Spanish fashion photographer Mikel Muruzabal.

Let’s get bewitched...
FASHION: Extreme feminine styles take a magical turn with flowing fabrics, dreamy, romantic colors with natural and luxurious materials. With lady-like clothes and cuts, this fashion statement takes a “princess” approach to feminine glamour.
HAIR: Bewitchment-Style is all about volume and long gorgeous hair. Think enchanted kingdoms with ultra-feminine heroines, fairy tale hair with locks sweeping in the wind. This style features luxuriously long, beautiful hair at its finest. From long, tousled locks to wavy textures and smooth polished hair, this style provides spectacular volume for the hair with natural color highlights. Hair is texturized with loose curls, sexy waves or crimped strands for distinct definition. Golden blondes to rich amber reds and dark, lustrous brunettes encompass the Bewitchment Style for ultra-dreamy hair.

Colorful & Provocative: Techno-Folk Style!
FASHION: Bold color in dynamic patterns and modern cuts are the focus of this fashion trend. Folk elements with the neo-futuristic look of the 60s and 70s mix with natural colors of the earth and cactus green as they meet flaming red and intensive bright colors.
HAIR: Past meets present in the Techno-Folk Style. This new avant garde style is more fun and adventurous than being pretty and polished. Create a “pop” of color with strands of color highlights in blue, lavender, red or green. Chunky color highlights create new dimension to hair for a new color trend. Hairstyles are mixed with contrasting color strands, asymmetric cuts and full body fringe. The combination of different hair colors and textures set the platform for head-turning, fashionable hair!

New Styles for All!
The looks from Hairdreams can be achieved for any hair using Hairdreams premium, high-end 100% natural, human hair extensions. In various lengths, colors and textures, any hair style is possible! Voluminous looks of the Bewitchment Style or colorful strands of the Techno-Folk can be achieved with Hairdreams even if your hair is short or fine. Shot in Pamplona, Spain, bundles of Hairdreams strands were used to create these dynamic new styles which were designed by top stylists Edurne Senosian from Pamplona and Isaac Blanco from Madrid.

The New Trends are available now at all Hairdreams partner salons in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Fashion-forward consumers can request the Hairdreams Stylebook 2010 (complete with a listing of all Hairdreams partner salons and a €50 gift certificate applicable for the 1st thickening or lengthening service). For further information, go to or call the Hairdreams hotline at 0800-0080500.