Low SmartPark JFK Airport Parking Rates are Not Enough for Our Customers - 5 Hour Grace Period

SmartPark JFK does not need a survey or study to know that people do not like to be overcharged, extra-charged, surcharged or any-other-charged for that matter.

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Simple low rate jfk airport parking rates are not enough. That is the message coming out of SmartPark JFK in South Ozone Park, Queens, New York today.

In addition to the already low rates. We believe in giving customers a chance. Running a little late? No problem. Take your time. You have and extra 5 hours to get back.

The "5 Hour Grace Period" Explained

What does that really mean you may ask? Quite simply, at SmartPark JFK we work on a 29 hour schedule. If you are traveling, just know with us - you have time.

Online Reservation:
If you make a FREE online reservation, please note that the check in time chosen online will almost always differ from your "Actual" check in time. So, your 29 hours starts from the "Actual" check in time at the SmartPark JFK Airport parking facility.

Walk-in Reservation:
A walk-in reservation confirmed check-in time starts your 29 hour clock.

You have 5 hours from the scheduled return time on your confirmed check-in itinerary.

After 5 hours then next day charges apply. We don't want that. Hence the "extra time" granted - not "extra charges".

As far as we know, at this time, no other Airport Parking Facility offers this great grace period.

At SmartPark JFK, you only pay the daily rate(current Summer Special is $12 daily) and NYC tax. That's all! (After Labor Day the rate returns the already low price of $14 daily)

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