Fitness Website Combines Exercise And Technology To Create The Perfect Match

Joyce Wells, creator of EMG Live Fitness, says that a healthy lifestyle begins at home and technology is the vehicle to make that happen.

Online PR News – 09-May-2012 – New York, NY – According to Joyce Wells, President and CEO of EMG Live Fitness (, a web platform that links the most sought after fitness instructors with fitness enthusiasts from around the world, allowing them to work together without actually being in the same physical location, only 15% of adult Americans belong to a gym. However 67% of Americans say that they exercise at least once a week.

“So how do the other 52 percent get access to quality exercise? They have increasingly relied on technology,” she says. “That’s why I created EMG.”

EMG Live Fitness uses Livestream as a platform to stream live and on-demand exercise classes to its users. This incredible streaming technology, Wells says, brings the gym to the home exerciser and she is confident that streaming fitness will ultimately replace DVDs the way that Netflix replaced Blockbuster.

“The NFL reaps 500 million dollars in revenue from their streaming platform,” says Wells, “while the MLB and NBA are right there with them. I believe this can happen for group fitness.”

In fact, she believes that streaming fitness, like the programs offered on the EMG Live website, can be beneficial to entire families.

“Kids participate in video games while connected with other kids around the world, dads devour sports online and now mom has can participate in online group exercise classes,” she says. “The crossover of using the Internet for entertainment with broadcast and cable TV has begun and with so many more services are being delivered online, fitness is an obvious step that can benefit everyone.”

EMG Live Fitness ( is a platform/website where the most sought after fitness instructors are linked with the fitness enthusiast while not actually being in the same physical location. EMG is the brainchild of streaming fitness expert Joyce Wells. Her vision is to bring the most sought after instructors virtually out of their studios and into any town, city or borough in the country, or world. EMG Live Fitness is a woman owned company and is based in Hamburg, New Jersey. For more information visit, call 908-228-2339, or e-mail

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