MY NURSE FIRST Patient Advocates is open for business.

Registered Nurse Advocates provides health care consumers with the tools and guidance necessary to navigate our complex medical system.

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – Washington, D.C., March 1, 2010: MY NURSE FIRST Patient Advocates, a wellness-centered advocacy company located in Maryland, has opened for business serving health care consumers. Whether a patient is sorting through a complex medical history or dealing with emergent medical needs, MY NURSE FIRST improves patient communication with families and care givers.

James Smyle Founder and Chief Executive Officer states; “Anyone who has had the experience of dealing with the health care system is painfully aware of its complications and pitfalls. We know how the system works, both from the diagnosis and treatment side, as well as the business side of health care, and we work the system for our Member’s benefit. We Organize our Member’s information, we Inform our Members of the many choices available to them as health care consumers, and we Empower our Members to make the best decisions for their health and health care. Everyone needs an Advocate, and we strive to be America’s first choice in Patient Advocacy.”

“With so many different specialists treating patients and prescribing medications, healthcare consumers receive uncoordinated treatment which is frequently the cause of misdiagnoses and unwanted side effects. Your doctors are trying to take good care of you, but there is currently no vehicle for them to coordinate their efforts.” explains Jim Recabo, Registered Nurse and Chief Nursing Officer of the company. “A personal patient advocate addresses a person’s well being in the context of their entire medical history and all current treatments, not simply the most distressing medical problem at any given time. You must treat the whole patient and keep all healthcare providers on the same page, and we make sure that happens.”

James Smyle continues “Too few people have someone who looks out for their health. MY NURSE FIRST believes that every patient, regardless of their circumstances or financial situation, has the right to receive understandable information from their doctors. Doctors are most effective when they have all the facts. We coordinate a patient’s medical information to ensure that everyone who cares for that patient has current and accurate information”.

MY NURSE FIRST Patient Advocates is a privately owned company based in Maryland and provides personal Patient Advocacy services to individuals of all ages anywhere in the United States. Each Member is assigned a Registered Nurse to serve as their personal Patient Advocate who reviews all conditions and medications, and provides a concise report that all doctors and nurses easily understand.

MY NURSE FIRST Patient Advocates is available to serve its’ Members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Visit MY NURSE FIRST Patient Advocates at, call toll free 888.396.3298, or email for additional information on protecting your most valuable asset, your health.